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Puissance - No Enemy

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Unexpected unexplained, it's not as complicated as they say.
How and why? Who and when? Terror comes from nowhere it seems.

I don't blame anyone but ourselves, I don't think it's wrong though.
I understand completely how someone who has
been pushed around will eventually push back.

Terrorists can't start a war, terrorists are few.
They have no country, they have no army.
When terrorists have attacked they are usually dead with their victims.

This is what we hate more then anything, an enemy that you cannot fight.
Someone you can't just stomp into the ground with overwhelming force.
Someone that is ready to give their life to change.

This among many other things, leads me to believe that our
way is not the best way.
Force suddenly doesn't seem so powerful anymore,
"mind over matter" isn't it?

Having high technology weapons, superior strikeforce, that can't help you
to defend yourself, only to attack.
But when the enemy is taken out of the equation you have already lost the
You cannot win when you have no enemy to fight, your only hope
is to talk with those who may become your enemy tomorrow.
Talk and prey that they still listen.


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1 928 883 tekstów, 17 759 poszukiwanych i 127 oczekujących

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