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Puissance - Bringer of Closure

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You look in religion...
You look in politics...
You look in capital...
None of which will provide the inner peace you're looking for.

You look in self-degradation...
You look in perversion...
You look in exhaustion...
None of which will give you the relief you seek.

Light is the bringer of death, death is the bringer of closure.
Closure is what you need but cannot find in this world.
We all want it, we all need it, but for some reason it is neveron sale.

But together we can find it, together we can create it.
In the light of self-annihiliation we will find an answer.

Only in death can we truly become one with ourselves,
only through the ultimate transgression can we touch the world we want.
We are not designed to live forever, we are not designed to live at all,
We are mear containers of genes striving to continue.

The hunger that causes our pain of life,
is not a hunger of our own, it is the hunger of our masters, the tiny
strings inside
our genome, they own us, they control us, and they torture us.
Do not reproduce, do not support them, bring them to an end.
Stop the agony of concious life, eradicate life.

We are not unique or special creatures, we are only barrels of biological
do not overestimate your own importance.
In your body, which doesn't even belong to you, there are genes that are a
million years old,
they have been riding inside you and your parents, and their parents, and
they will travel
on inside your children.
Forever superior to you as they can live without you, but you can't live
without them.

We are all to obsessed about being individuals, but we are not.
We are nothing only empty shells with empty minds.
Always controlled by our masters deep inside our genome.
Always controlled,
Always slaves we can never be really free.


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1 928 883 tekstów, 17 759 poszukiwanych i 127 oczekujących

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