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ProleteR - Afterword (feat. Taskrok)

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It's me again

I'm a living ball of stress
Getting all depressed
Kippin' getting dressed an all and my crip is all a mess
I'm missing all my ex girls, I wish em all the best
But I'm sitting with my next girl giving y'all a rest
I know I'm not the best with the opposite sex
I confess I give em all moderate stress
Am I negative? Well I'm not positive yet
I can't seem to figure out if I'm the cause or effect. Aye!
And though I'm live my morality is low
These hoes are hoping for a rose like reality shows
I gotta keep on they toes as my salary grows my family knows that im never chasin after these hoes
It goes

Oooooooooh damn (x4)

When I'm gone then I'm gone
Don't be sad without me
I left a lot of songs for you to play so blast em loudly
I left a lot products you can take and that can shout me out without a post you could make a post and tag it proudly
My live's amazing despite on my short humming's
I can count it on my path I met them with more running
All the way to the end till I get to the door huffing
Just to see what it was for i thought i was more nothing
I apologize (why)
Its hard for me to post
It's rare I like to share I feel like part of me is ghost
And everybody's fronting when you start to see it close
Then you understand the stuff is for those who need it most
I'm not another clue posting with this money for I'll smack it from your head before I ask if anybody's home
Shit that's how I feel right now, so what's the deal?
Nothing really real right now. We go...

Ooooooooooh damn (x4)

I thought what you saw success, You gotta take a rest
But you have to double down if you wanna stay the best
Ain't nobody got yo interest in heart
They all waiting for your spot
And they wish you depart
And fall face first
They looking for a reason to hate
I'm thinking of leaving
I'm having trouble breathing if late
I need an escape
No this is not a fire drill
I have a major blow out now running on my tire wheels
Never finish what I start, my clothes are in the dryer still
Getting out of bed, takes all of my entire will
And yet I'm still here standing tall, after all (???) working on my cannonball
Or catch me sitting like a slouch
We put a man on the moon and I can't get up off the couch
And though I'm humble to the core and if we rumble
I'll have you screaming uncle on the floor like..

Ooooooooooh damn (x4)
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