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Pearl Jam - Comes Then Goes

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High or low, where’d you go?
Are you stuck in the middle?
A spectral invisible ghost
I’m here juxtaposed
Like images of angels in the snow
Our courage melts away, it comes then goes

Where you been? Can I find
A glimpse of my friend?
Don’t know where or when one of us left
The other behind
Divisions came and troubles multiplied
Incisions made by scalpel blades of time

Comes then goes
Comes then goes

Can I say, how ya been?
I can guess and conjecture
My altered perceptions unclear
Please interfere
Sadness comes, with it a sea of tears
Would some love be best had it not appeared?

Is this you? Here I stand
Intense recollections of pain, self-neglecting again
Like you, I keep it in
Thought you found a game where you could win
Yeah, it’s all vivisection in the end

Comes then goes
Comes then goes
Comes then goes

High or low, try again
She fell off the altar
A vision you caught her but then
A woodcut in red
I wish it was not you that she had led
Selfish navigation with no end

Where’d you sleep? Can I find
A deeper connection in the face of rejection?
I’m trying, I’m trying
Evidence in the echoes of your mind
Leads me to believe we missed the signs

Can I try, one last time?
Could all use a saviour from human behaviour sometimes
And the kids are alright
The Queen of Collections took your time
Sadness comes 'cause some of it was mine

Comes then goes
Comes then goes
Comes then goes
Comes then goes


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Eddie Vedder

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Eddie Vedder

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Wykonanie oryginalne:

Pearl Jam


Gigaton (2020)

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1 809 167 tekstów, 17 688 poszukiwanych i 574 oczekujących

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