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Patrick Paige II - The Best Policy
Odsłon: 37
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One time for depression
One time for the lesson
That I was 'sposed to learn from this mess
And it was supposed to be
Some kind some kind of plan and some big message
But my phones on silent
So I ain't get shit but some hurt feelings and a burnt soul
Niggas still saying "go to church" though
And ooh that burns my torso
In this warzone where they killing us
And in Syria they bombing kids
And civilians while we senselessly spending millions
On some dumb shit, just for fun shit and I'm guilty too
'Cause right now I'm planning my next chain and some new J's
Even with homelessness and then there's poor folk
When we weren't talking, I read your horoscope
To see if you was thinking about me
As it turns out, now we speak again
But I still wanna fuck hoes
And that lines gon' get me in trouble
But writing is the only place I feel safe enough to be vulnerable
This is basically straight from the journal
So gon' and ride with me
And if I strike the nerve, gon' cry with me
Looking in the mirror, my only fight is with me
The irony is so highkey my thought processes don't like me
'Cause once I get comfortable then I settle down
And the odds of being productive just so unlikely
Cigarettes to distract my mind from what's really happening
Grab a pint of Hen' to ignore the fact that my heart is cracking
Grab an eighth of weed just to calm my nerves, take some [?] to smoke it
Skeletons in my closet and it's so many, doors is wide open
This is dope shit for the birds, I contemplated leaving Earth
The only reason I ain't do it, I'd rather not go to hell and burn
Plus my moms would be upset and I'd rather not chance that
In a room full of people, I'm asking "where my friends at?"
Looking at my phone late in the midnight hours
Like when I'm feeling down man, who can I call to feel empowered?
Who really got my back and what are your intentions?
Oh you just showing off my blue check all in your mentions


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Patrick Paige II


Letters of Irrelevance

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