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P.o.s. - Terrorish

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Dont let em get a handful/ see em with a handle of jack/
Or crossed fingers on the hands behind their back/
With a knack to trust then disrupt/
Lose trust then change the rules up/
And whos up for tax cuts? (crime pays)/
Hidden estates with like, really long driveways/
Crime pays/ rats in the hallways/
Aim for the crack fuck minimum wage (so it goes)/
Anyways/ sippin on a dry gin/ heavy headed living in and out of my skin/
And living livid/ but glad for the chance (at all)/
Glass fulla gas with a rag in the other hand/ wild like the Taliban/
Wild like a child slapped in the grin/
Black be the skin/ packed fulla carbon/ and starving again cmon/

Theres eyes in the back of my head/

Hold up the buck stops disintegrating here (yeah right)/
The fear generators here yall (warmer)/
Deviating clear past the consumer/
Room for improvement/ trade space with some doom and gloom/
Renovate with the renegade/ skate like the centigrade dropped/
Consider the cold copped/ like a motorcade/
And roll away contagious/ and infect the vacant/
Good the fuck gracious/ gotta debase the basic/ erase the face lift/
Taste a bad case of the breaks and heal/ gotta create the makeshift/
Swagger like its yours and/ debate whatever you dont feel/
And dont come knock knock/ who there?/ Boo/ Boo-whoing/
Live a little better than a bad joke/ who ruins?/
Chew through your wrist/ come on lets do it lets go/

Theres eyes in the back of my head/ I want them blinded/ I want them blinded/
But if I find the man who put my foot in the sand/ and other heavy hearts/
Make it impossible to cleanse his sin/ so unforgettable/ so unforgettable
Theres eyes in the back of my head


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1 740 739 tekstów, 18 296 poszukiwanych i 708 oczekujących

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