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P.o.s. - Savion Glover

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So when they cant stop, wont stop/
who keep the tank topped?/
who reaps the good sleep, keeps the receipts?/
I seem em sucking up the last drops/
drop the H2 stretch H3/
where the party at democrat?/
sittin on a muggy summer bench/ sippin muddy water/
peepin newsweek/ see whats up with sergeant slaughter/
hotter days on the way/ turn your A.C. Slater up/
Burn/ aloe vera green/ apple now and later/
yup/ pass that (sweet)/
Mike Mictlan/ where the mask at?/
hand over what?/
hand over yours run that/
man over bored with the same crap down/
dehumanize communities like Black Hawk Down/
they realize immunities and rape them towns/
so we speak our minds so fluently with raw/ rap sounds/
alright tykes/ a Klondike bars on the line/
we need a blind eye turned/ keep em simple/ refined/
oh the black gold/ Texas tea (hah)/ youre kiddin/
there aint been good oil in Texas for a minute/
thats why we knocked over our own thrones/
then watch it combust/ end up in free speech zones/ that shock and awe was on us/
watch me ex-pat Brazillian/ if 85% of Guantanimo is civilian/
blood pumps vermillion/ beats dump all over a chump populous/
keeping they focus on Paris Hilton (ick)/
Prada dead guilty as any internet thread/ big check/
probably got a lot of bad head/
all night vision/ all night missions/ all right/
Christ risen?/ tight/ nope/ call the prisons/
yikes/ the middle pickin the simple drivel/
the riddles a head ripper/ splitter/
suburbanites will get the kibble/ (listen)/ t
he double speech is legit/
they on some/ stand up for yourself you worthless piece of shit/
bet it all lose it all forget it/
and saying fuck Bush gave that douche a splash/ too much credit/
but smoking on Kush makes cats/ so apathetic/
cant beat em with a bat/ so we join em and spit the ethics/
(or)/ we beat em with a bat (yeah)/
POS steadily wreck it for anybody who raps/ or naps on facts/
fill the in line six to End Hits/
the oval office and the lobby/ prolly listen to Fugazi singin/
this ones ours lets take another/ x2
Then they dance away clean like/ Savion Glover


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1 740 739 tekstów, 18 296 poszukiwanych i 709 oczekujących

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