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P Money - Pepper Riddim
Odsłon: 596
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Tekst piosenki:

I'm sick of the indi's
Watch 'em all look to the left and tell a quick lie
You could be dead broke, tell em I will fix guys
A magician with the weapon when I trick guys
See, when I diss guys, I don't disguise it
And on top of that I don't wear a disguise
I made my girl turn bisexual
So I could fuck your girlfriend with mine
No orgy, my ends still gangbang
New Cross, Deptford, gang land
Lewisham, Brockley, gang land
Man violate, one word, hangman
Lie down for nobody, I don't plank fam
Two by four to the head when I plank man
Can't scam me with a stupid bank scam
I'll Central line you straight to the Bank, fam
Yeah, I'm a badman
I provide for my family, badman
I've got a young son nicknamed Bam Bam
Fuck with Bam Bam, guns go bam bam
You're moist like you must've swam, fam
I'm cocaine and your girl nose it
I'm a problem, your girl's problem
Well she ain't on my line if she's talking to Frank, fam
Nah, I'm gassing you
I don't mean I'm gassing you
I mean CS spray to the face, man's gassing you
I'm known to violate while I'm clashing you
Forget your Twitter beef, man's not @ing you
F your followers, man's not @ing you
Boot your door off, dash your latch at you
38 wheelspin and man's remapping you
I ain't having it, bro
I wanna move fast, she ain't having it though
Every time we talk about areas, it goes right back to Chelsea
Ivanovic mode
Mortgage money, going mad on these shows
I don't wanna see these man on my road
Last man that touched me more than brushed me
Don't let me see your hand on my clothes
I swear if you do, I will send out the search party
I ain't talking 'bout search and rescue
I'm talking 'bout search parties that will search parties
Don't matter if it's a Christian, work or your kid's birth parties
If it's not me and my don then it's gonna be a third party
That'll slap uncles and turf aunties, young or old
There weren't a bucket involved but they all played chicken on road
When I order for the 9-piece
Leave a body with a boneless sidepiece
Think you could be like me? Then try, please
Wanna walk in my shoes? Can't tell if that's mud or blood
Are you sure you wanna try on these?
Rolled our music, tell em I'm a guy on each
Ain't the guy to beef, ask about me
When it's war I react quicker than a guy on speed
Sleep on who? Are you dumb
Every one of my lyrics is deathbeds
Are you sure you wanna lie on these? Keep your eye on me
Got the IMG
Iron these creases out, check the irony
A one-man team is what you're all tryna be
Donny kicked me out the lesson tryna teach me a lesson
So I took out his pupil
Now donny can see what it's like with no I in team


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