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P Money - Mad
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[Verse: P Money]
I know nothing about cricket
But, when I'm lick him for six its over
You can come with all your man united
I know how to swing with a club, golfer!
Let me show you how I say it better
You'll say I'll stick you up like a poster
I'll say I'll put your back against the wall…wall


Pushin' out more bread than a toaster
If you're gonna play then play your cards right
Don't think you can put what you want, joker!
This girl clocked that I had bare friends
Started wonderin' why they keep callin' me loner
Saw my money started screaming Doh!
That's how I got the nickname Homer


Tell the guy at the North Pole I'm colder
His girl don't like me but loves my music
'He's a dickhead but he's hard'


Even on my Facebook, I wouldn't poke her
Right now P Money's taking the mick
Pullin' more faces than players in Poker (YES!)
I be trying to tone up
When I'm in the gym
I never pick the phone up
I say I'm on a diet
But, I ain't gonna lie
When I'm in the whip
I still do donuts...


And the way I'm stackin' this paper
I don't need no Barclays account
I need 24 briefcases and a folder (WOOP!)
Now I'm gettin' older
I don't bang the Instagram poser
But if I had a BB it's game over
Caus' I be gettin' more pins than a bowler
To a million, I keep gettin' closer
Now I go cinema
Where she can order Rosette and a meal with dessert
To where she sits And actually watch this film on a sofa...


Food on top from the controller
They're like "P how do you stay sober?
"You're like the Grime version of J HOVA'


Now I might go to a bar in Chelsea
And get me a cup, walk out a legend...


Oi, wait, Old up!
I just clocked
When it comes to the levels
I'm always high...
Spoke to more majors than a soldier
Can't you see these stripes on my shoulder?
Skates on my feet, bank card in my hand
What do you get?
High Roller!


When it comes to puttin' in work
Everybody looks at me
Caus' I show em' what to do better than a rota


Real Bipolar
My opponents do not want to fight
Caus' i got so much heart i could be a donor


They like
'Oh my God your Metaphors are so radical'


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