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P Money - Killuminati ft. Buckshot
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Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1:]
Okay that shit that you talkin is outdated
It's a whole new level and I've made it
The membrane glass of the memory of this massive Matrix
Tryna figure out who the fastest race is
Huh, and that's not racist
If you think so, you're one of the slow paces
Keep up at night when the streets all foom to eat you
Other creeps out eat nuts
Yea, most like Lizzy
Cash in my shoes when I cruise like me
ID, what's the subject?
Well I'm subject to shit that seems suspect
What's next? Nah, what's now
And you think about the shit I'm about to bust down
Aren't you clowns in the circus act?
On Youtube, tryna murder some facts
Wait, tryna earn some trap
And this motherfucker go the nerve to rap?
Fail, so you want a trailer
Tell this motherfucker, is that illuminati real?
Please, damn it's a shame what some people would do for that fame
Now look at em
You off, so now you on courses
Saying the rich doctors is a child of the wolves, come on
Dog roulette, what the fuck is that? (what's that)
What the fuck is that?
(We've been hearing a lot about the illuminati
What's up to the illuminati? Illuminati is killin all that this year
That's props at...)
What you call that?
What you call that?
Not Illuminati
Not Illuminati
Not Illuminati
But eyes on the money

[Verse 2:]
Alright we know who's down now what's the plan?
This guy don't mean shit to a nigga like me, man
Man, all I see is fam on a quest for land
So all that shit ya'll hearing about some rain man
Hah, it get washed away
And all that fake rap beef get squashed at bay
Why? Cause beef don't make bread like it used to
Back in the days when Pac played his was real, yours was not
You just a nigga broke and bleeding, won't you stop?
Band-Aid the bullshit
Will you see what my man may go that I roll shit then close shit, out
Got her out stressed and hurt
When you ball from the underground you come up with dirt
Yea, propaganda
When you lie to the people for lots of candors
That's a shame, what you call that?
Not Illuminati
What you call that?
What you call that?
What you call that?
What you call that?
What you call that?
The Illuminati out of here that's talkin about Illuminati and Illuminati that
But Illuminati's crap and Illuminati's rap
Yo P, I don't know if all this stuff I've been hearing about Illuminati is real but we gon call Killuminati
Cause we killin it
2000 and what now, you feelin it


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