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P Money - Insight My Mind (Numb Linkin Park Remix)
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[Verse 1: Pmoney]
Hi my name is Perry Wilson
Ain’t gonna commit no sins
I'm a new man new kid
Kinda stupid but I’m fluent
In the art of music
I’m lucid dreaming
This evening
Read me
Palms know what I’m saying
Ain't no pain while it’s raining
I’m sayin' somethin' that’s crazy
So listen while I’m spittin'
All these writtens
They be fittin' in these tricks n shit
Mix a bit
I don’t even know where I’m goin' with all of this
But this finna be my first hit
Or miss orbit me
I'm a planet call me a sun cuzz I’m rampant
And hot I’m in yo thots
Double meaning I'm higher than Ur ceiling
Believe me ain't even started I’m 14
Step in the ring crown me finna be king
Easily feelin' free
High on the power tree
Louder than the rave scene
Crazy put me down like I’m in the pound now
I’m sorry for cheating that was my fault
But not in our stars
I got many bars like Ur braces
But miss you the only reason I took a risk for
We kissed had a lot in store
But that’s over
Look in the fire flame
I have my desires
I came to take the fame
And get better at rapping

[Hook: Pmoney]
Go to bush school
Man everything is cool
Damn that shits true
Wake up in the mornin'
Check somethin’ important
Lying there dormant

[Verse 2: Pmoney]
I got what you need
I’m Pmoney
The greatest you ever seen, you hate me
You love me I’m all you really need
Fuckin this beat so hard it’s at my feet
Big feet lord of the rings
Packin' jewelry
The fools be on the gold woven by some string
Ahh freakin' ba ha like a lamb slam a jam
Slam a jam in a hoop
Ballin' till I poop
My bad I’m finna take it back to the ball rack
Finna pop a pack of Benadryl till I crash
No flash backs
For now I’m too wack
Rap game got me weak
Like I'm smokin' on some weed
That was stupid so please forgive me
Eat some sushi some wasabi
Rhyming stupid stuff to burn through things
Finna rap like drake okay
Started from the bottom now I’m at the top
Poppin' off like I got some pop rocks
In my mouth drivin' off the grid
Hidden like a lonely kid
Missed you finna be pissed when I kiss Ur girl on the lips
I slipped on the court
Got more work to become a lord
Some things are like a chore
Especially making spaghetti
On a skillet that ain’t ready
Thank you mommy I can cook
So I ain’t hungry till I look
At my crusty plate
Rusting in the reflection from all the mistakes
Of bad direction
Español you were told
You were loco that’s crazy
You know
Flow too cold iced up
Never gonna mold
I am the best rapper ever
But I’m not a rapper
Spit super-hot fire
Gotta get the extinguisher
Put me out with ya
No need for explainin' I’m different
I’m lifted to a new stage in life
Finna take flight to the promised land
Accomplished man flossin' bands

[Hook: Pmoney 2x]
Go to bush school
Man everything is cool
Damn that shits true
Wake up in the mornin'
Check somethin’ important
Lying there dormant

[Bridge: Pmoney]
Ain't gonna get it
Till I'm outtie five thousand
Mothafucka' bitch
I'm outtie gotta get my zen


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