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P Money - If Man's Talking
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Tekst piosenki:

Spartans, what is your profession? [x4]
... Yeah...

[If] man’s talking like he’s the shooter
Wait here, I’ll get the shooter
Come back with Blacks letting off a ruga
Head scattered, somebody get a hoover
I’m naturally cold, them man need a tutor
Moving [?], go and get a ruler
Gassed up, playing too much computer
Man says ‘allow it’, what a loser

(YOU FOOL) You’re on a [?] ting
Man disagrees, man get a new ting
Come to your rave blacked out on a crew ting
Straight to the door, its not a cue ting
Bouncers are hyping, I’ll remove him
Back seats full up, so it’s a boot ting
After the rave bare cars get taken
Now for you it’s a bus or a shoe ting

If I hear man talking about shooting
(HEAD GONE) I just shoot him
It’s a par when man has a mood swing
22 shots, bare legs moving
Can you see how many man that you’re losing?
After this you better do some recruiting
Them man are on an 8 mil’ hype
You see me I’m on a Mac 10’ or an Uz’ ting

I pull the trigger, bare bodies oozing
The ting don’t jam, fam it’s a new ting
I get the info from your next girl
Catch man slipping when he’s out with his new ting
Man ring my phone on the rude ting
(SAFE, COOL) watch how the mood swings
Come with Lil’ D, Jams and Blacks
Spray up the yard, I don’t care who’s in

10 o’ clock news (FATAL SHOOTING)
Dad’s upset, jumped on the booze ting
Mum’s all crying, can’t I.D. man
Face looks mangled (BARE CONFUSING)
Man’s like 'bro' what strap was he using?’
I’m like ‘par, that one’s amusing’
A man [?] and I don’t lie
Forget the guns, now it’s a new ting

[If] man’s talking like he’s a dapper
(COOL, SAFE) I’ll wrap the rapper
Little shot I licked off last summer
Man said he heard it clap from Napa
(WHOA) ... [?] gun clapper
No dilly, no dally, no [?]
I’m not talking no sexy talk when I tell you that
Shotgun is an eye-catcher

There’s not a man that I won’t batter
Cause the box that I got ain’t a [?]
When my fist in your face go clatter
Both of your cheekbones shatter
Now both sides of your head look fatter
You heard WHACK and your teeth went scatter
You call Tintin and his little dog
Dial in Dennis and tell him ‘bring Gnasher’

Man shoots better than Kaka
When I got this ting nothing don’t matter
If too many man wanna fly
I’ll send more man to the moon than NASA
They ain’t gonna find you with no tracker
I don’t care if you’re a big time rapper
Man said ‘shut up’, I was like ‘cool’
The ting went BOOM, head went SPLATTER

If man’s talking like he’s the business...
(COOL) let’s do the business
If a man’s not sure that I’m on beef
Clap my ting and show man I mean business
I can’t see nobody in this
But his friend’s talking bare funny business
Hours later the friend went missing
My man should’ve minded his own business

Now I got man crossed off of the hit list
Bull's-eye, head-shot, man never missed
He would be alive if man never dissed it
But he did so I let rip and I [?] it
(YES) car, chain, nicked it
Gave him a choice, man never picked it
It’s not my fault man said that ‘it’s war’
I saw the situation and I flipped it

(9 BAR) stole it from him, flipped it
Now I got man telling me that I dissed it
Man tried to fight me, I went ballistic
My [?] man, know that I mixed it
(BOY) man geed me up on the [?]
My boy was like ‘nah P who did this?’
Come to the bitch and he’s still wearing lipstick
Now you’re lying in a ditch on some [?]

... If I hear man talking like he's a shooter
Or about any shooting, or like he's a dapper
Or any funny business, I'll just come to your house
And do one of these tings fam [GUNSHOT]

...Madness [?] ... Jawbone swell up and everything... [?]


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