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P Money - Back In Time (Set)
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Tekst piosenki:

It's a Saturday night and I'm sitting in my room
Gotta get ready for this party soon
Sitting by the window looking at a couple goons
Sitting in a bimma playing a couple tunes
Thought to myself I've got to phone my DJ
Cause I want to know what type of tunes he's gonna play but
I ain't got the credit today
So I'm gonna have to buck him on Lewisham way
Ring ring wagwarn it's Gabbi
I'm telling you blood this party is aggy
Make sure you come thugged out in your avi
Bring a jimmy cause these chicks are looking kind of haggy
Alright then, I'll buck you in an hour
Meet me in Lewisham at the clock tower
Ain't ready yet I'm just getting in the shower
Put down the phone turn the music up louder
Alright then what clothes should I wear
Black tracksuit with the black Nike Airs
I don't wanna wear that cause I see it everywhere
And plus I wore that at the New Cross fair
It's not fair, I don't know what to wear
Then I saw a tracksuit laid out on the chair
Black and red tracksuit yeah I'm wearing that there
Put on my avi and then brushed my hair
Took my watch, took my rings, took my knife
And another few things
Mobile rings as I wait for my bredrins
I didn't answer cause it was a one ding
Then I went outside and I saw Patrick
Looking at my tracksuit saying that I smacked
I said safe with a smile and a grin
Cause I knew that he was feeling my black kicks

Pull up in a car with 4 breddas looking kinda mean
Everybody's jumping up when I step up on the scene
That's when I heard a shout from Charlene
Tried to hide but already got scene by the rest of her team
She was looking kinda lean so I drawed this girl
This girl that was next to Charlene she was 16
Blood this girl was still clean
She was a virgin, telling me she's searching
If she said she had a man I said I would of merked him
But she told me the other day she went an turfed him
Carried on chirpsing she was on flirting
Couple hours dancing with this
Couldn't help myself but keep glancing at this
Then I thought to myself I'm not losing this
After the party I'm still moving this
I moved to another few gash but they weren't all that
And they kept talking trash
If they carried on one of them was gonna get lashed
But I said fuck this I gotta find that gash
That light skinned one in the air force ones
With her name on the front of air force tongues
In the pink skirt that goes with her pink shirt
Nothing can go wrong but I won't jinx her
Name's Alisha, new to the ends
She's got hazel eyes not contact lens
Got a couple breddas to move to her friends
Asked her do you wanna ride in the benz?
She was like yeah, let me just get my friends
It was me her my boy and her friend in the end
Then I asked her "who's the man tonight?"
She was like "P Money is the man tonight"

When I smacked you naa not one of your boys backed you
Clapped you, went Lewisham for your captain
Tapped him, felt the phone that's when I jacked him
Gassed him then i told him i just taxed, look!
Damn right money man attacked him
Nobody's backing him when they saw me whacking him
No way in hell can you stop me from jacking him
Watch when I get mad and I start stabbing him
Get battering, teeth get a shattering, box him in the face
Make a nigga start staggering, pack him in
If he wants to carry on blabbering
Put a nigga against the wall and splatter him
Don't stop whacking him, keep on attacking him
Back slapping and clapping and real hard smacking him
Back kicking him whipping him money mans ripping him
Walk off like I don't know what's happening
Step in a mi path
Then you're gonna get a battering start scattering
When you see the gun clattering, when I'm battling
Everybody's gets a splattering, it's your face that I'm shattering
P Money, naa, you don't really wanna battle him
Unless you really wanna find your face all battered in
With this battering you're gonna get a flattening
Body parts and limbs get a scattering

Ok whats the dilly
These niggers here must think say dem illy
Wanna see money man with the skilly
Wanna see the 9 milli make them fake like Billy
Like hilly billies, this boy's gonna look silly
Get physically fucked up in forest hilly
Money man dash niggers off of the hilly
Out here to killy with the 9 milli
Come through the back, put a bullet in your neck back
From the black gat, putting holes in your G hat
10x raw leaving your back with a crack
I rob niggers with a baseball bat and baseball cap
With a red mask dressed in black ready to give some niggas
A back slap from behind
Leaving MCs with a bullet in the mind, I don't care about your kind
Cause I'm not kind
Not kind rude boy I've lost my mind
Better get your gun cause I've got mine
Better get your boys cause I've got mine
Draw for the mash and leave a bullet in your spine
10 o'clock past that's when I got grime
Got grime then I switch into vex
Rude boy don't run your mouth cause it might nuts
Next time

Put your life in front of the car
Find your body getting licked over
BOOM disconnect your shoulder
Forehead spattered on the bonnet of the rover
As I lose control of the car
Skid pretty far
Take a look over the shoulder
That nigger must be in a coma
Fuck the coma this niggers life's over
Ahh shit thought you was a soldier
Life's definitely over I can tell by the dents in the rover
His neck bruck like I licked him in the head with a krobar
Thought you older, made a mistake I'm not sober
Drunk behind this wheel in a black rover
Fuck the witnesses me naa see Jahova
I gotta get away man I'm a soldier
Could of been a star
Till your head made contact with the car
Body got splattered pon the tar
Shoulder disconnect pon the side of the car
Nobody could firm the impact of the car
No you won't get far, body twist up on the floor
Head still fucked up on the car
Naa, can't come against a star
Drive by lick his ras clart down from far
Wanna come against a star
Lick him over with rover
Now your body's in a coma what you gonna do
When I pull up in a rover get out the car P Money's taking over
I'm a pro star aim for your shoulder
Bullets get let go from the rover
Life's over when your body falls over
Leave a nigger's brain fucked up like Homer

I'm up there like Little Dee's bars
You'll receive scars when you buck up with the crowbars
They're the wrong bars you don't wanna buck them bars
Unless you wanna get your face shattered like vase
Think say you're hot like Mars till see me draw something from the back of the car
Make a nigger say rah as I take the beef far
An I splatter head against the side of the car
Don't try come against stars
We'll leave your jaw hanging in the air like stars
Its not hard for me to lay you out like cards
I'll put something on your chest and I don't mean bra's

Step on the set
Get bun like cigarettes
You don't wanna touch me an regret that we met
I'm threat kitted up like a soldier cadet
Get me vex an I won't bother show the respect
Like an insect you'll get caught in the web
With a body check you're gonna get a bruck neck
It's hard to accept look I'm the threat an
I'm an MC you're not gonna forget
I'm complex putting niggers in a suplex
You don't wanna bet and put yourself in a deep debt
You don't wanna get wiped out like Kleenex
I'll eat MCs like T rex
Bad for your health like cigarettes
That's why I'm a threat you don't wanna take another step
Draw for the tech get a gun buck to your neck
I might leave your face in a wreck

I'm bad cause I separate the sons from the dads
You don't wanna see me get mad an bore up your dad
You'll look sad when you see your dad in a black bag
Trust me I blaze anybody like fags
You don't want me to buck you when in your cab
Cause I'll grab your face an then start to drag
Suffocate your rarse in a black bag
Got to my ends and then start to brag
Tell everybody about the beef I just had
How I got mad and fucked up this boys dad
Blazed this nigger in the back of the cab
Put him on the floor like the back of the fag
Hit the bredda in the cab with a jab made him wobble like flab
Put the rope round the leg like tag
Made a getaway in a black jag
Now that family must be sad
Acting like a badman is so simple
But would you act like a bad man with strap to your dimple?
No so why you trying to act bad
When the only thing you do is make yourself look sad
Think your bad when front of your dad?
I'll hold your dad and you'll hold a stab
So I suggest you don't get me mad
Run it up, I'll put two holes in your flab
Sorry I don't do white flags
If you want that you can beef with the white lads
Dumb backing beef with your spastic dads
You'll get suffocated with plastic bags
You ain't bad you're just slyly mad
Right jab wobble the flab and put him in a bag
Drag him back to the lab let his back hold a stab
That's what you get for trying to act bad

You think I won't merk you cause your skin's brown
Run your mouth, I'll leave your mouth with a frown
I'll turn your clown face upside down
I'll leave your whole crew looking like clowns
With frowns, I conquer MCs like towns
I'll grab your neck and twist it around
Make man die on the spot with no sound
Catch your homeboy on a rebound
On the rebound, your whole gets shutdown without a sound
Brave ones get gun down
I don't play so don't ask me to calm down
If I calm down, somebody else will come down
That's when you'll get licked down
Me naa ramp me naa play so rude boy sit down
Can't come round here with your shit sounds
Get out my way before you get licked down
Step in a mi path watch this gun man start blast
Kick man's arse, leave him dead pon grass
What you gonna do when you see the bullets fly past
And you catch a hollow tip bullet in a your rarse?
You'll say ahh your boy will say rarse
How you gonna talk with your mouth shattered like glass...

I'm gonna come to your crib with dagger
Box you in the face an make your body wanna stagger
Hype up this whole scene like ragga
How you gonna hold it in when you got a weak bladder?
My whole crew's badder, I'm not bragger
I'll smash your face in with a black hammer
Fuck the grammar moneyman, I'll box you up like damma
I'm old school like when man wore kappa
You ain't from the manor, you ain't got glamour
Money man's got more ranks than Shabba
Money man jacking everybody like blacker
I'm old school like when man wore kappa
You ain't from the manor you ain't got glamour
Money man's got more ranks than Shabba
Money man jacking everybody like blacker
I'm old school like when man wore kappa
So you better leave
Put him in a headlock so he can't breathe
See bare blood coming out his left sleeve
Make a man shout out "don't shoot please"
Get stab in a your ras clart now you got sleeves
Chopped in your waist, cut down like trees
That's me spitting bars on your CDs
Everybody knows I'm that lyrical G
I make a bad man look like a fool made of plastic
You could never come approach me without a tactic
Try come against my boy so I backed it
Said your lyric and I counter attacked it
After the beef you wanna tell me I smacked it
Stop begging it, go home, get your practice
Get your practice then come back an attack this
Don't cat this, cause I will put you on a smack list
Look I'll lay you right where you're standing
Keep looking at the floor, that's where your landing
Run up in your block, dash him off of the landing
Can't beat money man, my flows expanding
One of your boys backed it, so I banged him
If I had a rope, trust me, I would of hanged him
Grab him get mad that's when I stab him
Money mans got the team locked like captain

It's robbery time
Phone desperado about 12:09
Put the gloves leave no prints on my 9
Body armour covering the lungs and the spine
As I waste no time, red wine in my mind
Can't walk in a straight line but I feel fine
Do this crime, it's 12:29
Put the bullets in the backpack and waste no time
P Money, we're outside the yard
Tried to phone Venom but my house phone's barred
An phone ain't charged that day was hard
Felt like I just licked my head hard
Real hard feel like my brain got scared
I'm a target cause I feel a bit off guard
And I still live large…


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