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P Money - Aah Peak
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Me got a call from [?]
"oi where you at?"
Me den at the party
Me justa check if you whan come studio
Me said me can't cos me there with a swatty
Me tell her I have no BM
But she say "BM" when she see my car key
Inna jam with no kind of pastry
But right now this girl a move dutty
Make my head disapper in her ori
So, me have'a call my donny
He said his gall broke me head so bad
Me save her in my phone as noddy
Me have to laugh cos she move real dolly
Its my body but she wanna take it from me
Now to you your girl move funny
These 2 big pussy car park up
Cos my ting park like lorry
She come home, say she feel sick
My ting fuck up her belly like curry
But you can't blame me
You'd do the same if you hear

(Ooh baby you want me)
Every time I look 'em in the eyes I hear x4
Aaah peak
Whenever I beat the tune its peak
Whenever I beat the tune its peak
Soon as I tell this girl I'm tracted to
That I'm single it will all get peak
But you can't blame me
You'd do the same if you hear

I linked this girl with a funny accent
When I said "you got a man?"
She said she didn't
I said "what's your name?"
She was like "Leanne!"
"Where ya from?"
"I just moved to Wigaan!"
"You mean Wigan?"
"Yeah, Wigaan. I moved in with my sister Rihanne!"
Then I took her to the field and put my head through her chest
Now they're calling me Zinedine Zidane
Back sticks out like an old school Megane
She jumped out my whip then she started ballin
Cos she's gotta get back in a dusty Nissan
Aah yeah!
Hang tight Leanne
That's my money tellin' your money si'down


I told you about Leanne
Lemme tell you about Rebecca
She said "you can do my accent sick
You should do mine and yours together
You never know your flow might sound better"
Then we sexed all over the house
Broke everything including the doors and the beds
Home wrecker
Flipped out my ting and had her moist like a wetter
The way she was making it rain
I shoulda had a durex umbrella
"So what about her man?"
He thought he was good 'til he saw who I was
Now he's a sweater



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