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P-Holla - Who Cares

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Everybody got their own opinion, everyone got somethin to say
When will he pay attention? Hmm probly not today
Like whats he doing now? and he's making money how?
He just did what?.... Someone told me he's dropping out?
Or he's dating so and so and everyone knows how that will go
She said this- he said that, feeling like the whole world's bout to blow
It's everybody's business, gotta rub their whole nose in it
Got love for all my fans, don't give a fuck who isn't

Who Cares.... (if you disagree) Cuz I don't....

Still steady chasing my dream since I was 17
Do whatever it takes even till I'm 70
Never been about the money, but a little wouldn't hurt
The juice is worth the squeeze, even if it's just a little squirt
See I'm one to lay my plans out... and if that don't pan out
Then I'll change my damn route
And now that I focused, the dopest of flows has arisen
I'm driven to succeed and my team believes the vision so...

Who Cares (if you disagree) Cuz I Don't....

They call me P-Holla, Hotter than Jalapenos
Stay steady stackin chips, blow em all at a casino
You see-You see where we go? We coolin in Montego
Stay kickin fat (w)raps like a Chipotle Burrito
Cuz he knows and she knows that everwhere we go
I got a heavy base of fans and they blast me on their Stereo
Got too much goin good, to focus on the negatives
I'm always staying up even if you put me on some sedatives
No better way to live, and you can disagree
You can say what you want but you ain't dissin me
My flow clean-listerine, making moves and history
No need for Scooby Doo, cuz that's no mystery

Got a difference in Opinion...
So I don't put much in it
Been in from the beginning
So I'll just keep on Winning, I'll just keep on Winning

Who Cares (if you disagree) Cuz I don't....


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1 792 005 tekstów, 17 767 poszukiwanych i 1 056 oczekujących

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