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P-Holla - Love Song

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It's not that I won't write you, and you know that I like you
You say you want your own song and there's nothing I can buy you
But ya- ya see the thing is writing a love song's kinda hard
How would I start? Like I met you in a bar?
Or how I felt the first time that I saw you, or mention I was nervous the first time that I called you
See, it's not as easy as it looks...
I'm coming up with nothing except where to throw the hook (right there)


Feeling like my... head's under water cuz the breathings getting harder
Knowing that I can't write you a song, now you say 'don't bother'
What kind of artist can't write his girl a song
Knowing that your tired running through my mind all day long
Damn, that was cheesy, but you gotta believe me
That coming up with a love song is hard and far from easy
Taking the train to see me, I gotta thank you for it
Trying to write for a week and still only got a chorus (damn)


I know you asked for one, and I make you laugh a ton
But it's so much easier writing songs 'bout having fun
So let's have fun with it, and I'll just run with it
I only wanted you even if I could've have a ton of chicks
Damn that was cocky, but no one here can stop me
Look forward to every morning and waking you up like coffee
And it's a wild world, I'll be here for a while girl
Freestyling at a party just to see you smile girl
I drop a line, sain; how you so fine
And edit with the yes and no, like will you be mine
And you'll say how's he make it rhyme, or how's he got the time
Never use utensils but he keeps his cake in line
Soo whatcha whatcha say?
Only 5 seconds have gone by but I can't wait-
Any longer, I'm scrubbing extra dove on
Hoping in the future that I can write you a love song....


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1 813 704 tekstów, 17 638 poszukiwanych i 722 oczekujących

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