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Omar Linx - Cowboy

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You see I grew up as wild child
Played by my own rules
Stubborn as a motherfucker
I don't wanna go to school
Math class is boring
Recess is old news
I just wanna chill and have fun like them older dudes
Yes I did and I never gave in
With my back to the wind
In the roof of your grin
I was out for the sting
When I wanna die, win
When they told me I'd lose
I just told 'em i'd win
And I snuck out of class
Headed down the road
Venture'd on home
Call me Indiana Omes
Said I never look back
I just set my own path
I don't need a game plan
I can get my own map
Till girl means boy
and boy means girl
never would've thought she would change his world
I remember that day when we met up in a range
she just looked me in the eye and she said one.. thing

Show me love, is got your hand on a button now.
Showing love, is got your hand on a button now.

Don't you see what I am, see what im doing
this is my life dont you see what i've ruined
drowned my gift, dropped my fate
forgot my dream i've lost my way
and there's nobody to blame, nobody to call to
I was doing fine, why the fuck did i involve you
Ready as i am, i would never get the chance
to show you what i dreamt cause you never understand
I'm a cowboy by night, writer by the day
if i could find a saloon, i could find my way
earn my living with my with my outlaw winnings
you could spend it all with me but i just cant stay
now everything's gone, everything's lost
promising to god I have paid my cost
never would've thought she'd ever let us go
but she missing in my heart, i can feel it in my soul

Show me love, is got your hand on a button now.
Showing love, is got your hand on a button now.

What's wrong, who cares
its all wrong, cold stare,
i've been wrong, about everything you owe me
and if i had another chance, to try it all again
then you know you'd be looking at the old me
so if there's anything left, anything at all
lemme write that song, that'll put you in my arms
I can see you a star, please don't shoot
Please, just at least, let me speak my truth
too little too late, she whispered in the wind,
wish you'd never left, this shouldn't be the end,
she's always on my mind, when I'm thinking in my zone,
when there's nothing left to drink and I'm sitting here alone,
the cards are on the table, the odds are looking grim,
indebted to regret, theres no profit in the win,
i told her what she meant, just so she remembers that,
i sent it with a prayer but she never wrote a letter back


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Omar Linx

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City of Ommz

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