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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Stomp

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[Intro]Sing the song, sing along with meSing the song, sing the song with me[Verse 1]When I'm with you baby, tell me why, tell me soI ask you to go high, you tell me to go lowSo I go low, (slurp), taste the shit(Slurp), taste it again, I like it(Rrr) I'm the original G-O-DMaking young ladies scream's my specialtyWhen I go DUN DUN DUN DUH, girls get hypeFrom the funky fresh music that was stereotypedWhen I kill, that ol' mad funky flowNot sayin Ason, duck duck discoOr disco duck, strictly hip hopBaby baby, I can't stopWu, gots ta like come on throughSoo, that's the call for the WuI came here to rectifyBROOKLYN ZOO, terrifyWhy, niggas wanna get up and rap and rap and rapMan, fuck thatShit, that I make it's the skitI wanna see ya hands in the air, can ya dig itLet's sing the songCome on party people, all in together now, sing alongHave you ever ever everIn your long legged lifeHad a bald headed bitchFor your bald headed wife[laughter] Gimme dat[Verse 2]Who's the baddest motherfucka in the Brooklyn townAnd also representer of the Wu-Tang soundIf you wanna get up and get fucked upLast nigga got up and got shot upBut you's a gangsta, on the boards I'll bang yaMess with the Wu-Tanger, I'll hang yaYou'll get shanked and spanked and alley-oopedI admire true niggas like Dre and SnoopChamber number 9, verse 32 Only speaks about BROOKLYN ZOOThat a true nigga shall come throughNo-one is available to be compatibleThis is chamber number 9, verse 32 Is what we call The Stomp(Stomp)The stomp is down (Stomp)Get down for your crown (Stomp)Stomp (Stomp)[ODB][Verse 3]Brothas always playin with the microphoneWhen it blows up in your face, (BOOM) you leave it aloneYou couldn't touch, this style is too muchIt's the rhymer, I don't give a crippled crab crutch(Grruh) Any nigga or niggeretteGet burned to the brimecell like a cigaretteStraight up and down, I don't play aroundRhymin gets me paid madd bread by the poundShout out to my crew, tight as a belt y'allGo by the name Big A, from the shelter
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2 178 651 tekstów, 20 274 poszukiwanych i 777 oczekujących

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