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Oddyssey - Probe You

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In a trench coat, on the streets nigga
Nigga block you, dap you up like
"What you need nigga?"
Shorty passed, and she bad thick, she lookin at me
I'm burnin' up, she threw that "Nigga whats cookin'" at me
See it's the crack, I'm impressed
Color of her soul, it's the kind of way she dress
And kind of things she says is so real, so fucking real
She can never rob but she probably steal
Shit, that's alright with me (alright with me)
I want her right here with me (right here with me)

I wanna look right and see
That everything she does is somehow cuz of me
I wanna be, K-I-S-S-I-N-G in a tree near the sea
She sings songs with me, write letters to her
Are better for her than drugs and the fur, forreal
Yeah, so my face run stunned
Tryna be her number 1 with a gun
And one look she convey that it's done
I just want her to have my sons
Just want her to know why,

I couldn't do it in the first place
Giver her flowers on her Birthday
Give her water when she thirsty
Making love on a Thursday
Reminds me of a typhoon, black water
And the tides getting high soon
She drinks the vodka drink, she drinks the whiskey drink
Gotta freak on now wonderin' what Missy think
She wanna paint the city pink, or maybe black

She brings me back from the edge of my insanity
Looking over, see my stops and friends and family
Spilling syrup over the edge of this balcony
Full metal is the alchemy,

She transfigures and erases my pride
I cried, and wiped them dead tears
Off her cheeks, hit the beach
I know where my heart resides now,
My heart resides now
Resides now, shit resides now, nigga fuck it
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The Bitter Pill EP

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2 013 795 tekstów, 18 310 poszukiwanych i 551 oczekujących

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