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O.C. - O-Zone
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Tekst piosenki:

How shall I begin? I'll fuck at the wind
Come out on top bruised but still and all I'm winnin in the end
O period C period, you're fearin it
Next to me and my mic, rappers are just inferior
My posterior pulls not my brain, but secondary
Mic to mouth, is how I drag down adversaries
Let me give you a brief bio, O's not ? STYLE
Innovations are my thing so I can go the extra MILE
I'll 'tack, attract maximum, rarely minimum actions
Soon to be a club favorite, cause I'm the comin attraction
Ruler schooled an MC, with official competition
Parasol, acapella peep the weak, competition
They should listen, is it live or Memorex, with lies
Scared to use intelligence, your methods are irrelevant
Home writin poems, the wrong niggaz touched
the micraphone blown up, I'm callin your bluff
Step into the O-Zone..

"Your first time'll be your last earth memories" -> Mobb Deep
* cut n scratched *

My trusty mic will never get rusty, write rhymes day and night
Moonshine'll put your lyrics in a bind
(like the) in out, but still play penetrate em
I weight em up and down, size made em, who's laid em, now
He bare gashes, wounds are exposed
to ones writin music, now he's a deep composer
Foes are flammable in it's entirety
Step back a hundred feet or so cause what I let loose, is fiery
Fisticuffs, slips are blistered
Non dread rappers wanna sell cause it's hot, so they calypsin
Claims they rips it, "Yo man I can flow," so what?
Every one two one three bars all I hear is a cuss
You ain't impressin me, manifestin meaninglessness
This is the second verse, so I'ma seal it off, like this
Here's an invitation, to be facin me, to seek salvation
The proper education, step into the O-Zone..

"Your first time'll be your last earth memories" -> Mobb Deep
* cut n scratched *


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