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Norothin - Drinking in the Middle Earth
Odsłon: 304
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Tekst piosenki:

Eskundalf was guiding Norothin
In the search of a tavern to drink
Setyr the wild spots one in the misty horizon

The party is saved can drink endless!
Frozen jugs of Gorog for this great band!
Whores, alcohol and sex
All you need in this live

I will get drunk
And I will join you
Who can we order?
Serve six pints!
We will get drunk
And we will spend it well
I´ll fuck an elve
And I a dwarf!

I will lift up my brimfull beer cup proclaiming the name of Norothin
Fucking metalheads have come to your inn to spend good time
Liters of golden dwarf handicraft shall flow down our throats
I'll give you our album if you behave good

Foreigners, I entrust you an epic mission
The evil emerged in the mountain city
Kill the Balrog

Iaaaaa we have a quest
Like in tales
Enroute we are

And now, here we are in the Doors of Durin!
Say friend and enter to the black depths of Moria

Damn is very dark
I don´t see a shit
What can we do?
Let´s fire our farts!
It smells like your mother
Not my fault she's a sow!
We´ve burnt Moria
What the hell?

Holy shit the fucking Balrog is bigger than we ever thought
We figth against him but is a son of a bitch hard to defeat
We are exhausted and badly wounded to fight, we can not win
Not even Maximilian is able to finish him

Norothin is fallen
Defeated by Balrog
No more beer
The party is ended

I will invoke a lot of beers
Hurry up drink them all
I already am getting drunk
I´m going to take a leak

Let´s throw it over the Balrog
We have extinguished it, let´s attack
Hey Eskundalf nail your staff
In his ass to kill him all at once!


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