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NLE Choppa - ChopBloc

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[Intro: BlocBoy JB & NLE Choppa]
Doin' numbers, crippin' and livin'
What's goin' on, Bloc? (Ha)
Shit didn't work out like you thought it would
Grape Street, get your face beat
Red dead, I'm so fuckin' bumpin', bro
Steppin' and livin'
Ha, yeah (Lil' boy)
Hey, hey, hey (Ha)

[Verse 1: BlocBoy JB]
This shit didn't work out like you thought it would (Word)
I'm trappin' and posted in every hood (Posted)
I'm crippin', got thugs up in Inglewood (Crip)
Keep a stick like a nigga was in the woods (Grr)
Got straps like Jason Bourne, uh (Bourne, uh)
Fill 'em, we lit like a joint, uh (A joint, uh)
My new bitch, she bad, she a foreigner (Foreigner)
I'm gettin' head on the corner (Corner)
Thuggin' in traffic, these niggas, they faker than plastic (Plastic)
I'm 'bout to stretch him like he was elastic (Elastic)
Fly on the carpet, Aladdin ('Laddin)
I got rich and I bought me a mansion (Skrt)
In the game makin' all the PT (PT)
Yellow my wrist, this shit pee-pee (Diamonds)
Ice on my watch and my mouth full of VVs
You niggas still in the D-League (D-League)
Two joints (Two joints)
Kick the bitch out 'cause I move stank (Move stank)
Bloc is in the hood, nigga, who ain't? (Word)
The joint make 'em lit like it's two pints (Yeah)
Fuck your bitch on the first night I met her (Met her)
Know I'm up in the spot like a leopard (Leopard)
Gettin' head in the Tesla (Tesla)
I'm smokin' dope with the fellas (Yeah)
Fifteen-hundred on Margielas (That's on my momma, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2: NLE Choppa]
He said he gon' rob me, rob who? (What?)
Break out them choppers, peek a boo (Rah)
We wipe his nose, hah-choo (Yeah)
And I'm the shit like boo-boo (Pssh)
We step in the party, we thuggin', no MACs (Yeah)
I see me some strippers, I throw me some stacks (Yeah)
I hit from the back and I pull out her tracks (Huh)
Her nigga got mad, I told him relax (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm on the block with JB (Yeah)
We keep us a Glock, no safety (Bow)
Mad that fuck niggas tried to take me (Take me)
Pull up and shoot like KD (KD)
We come in your party, we totin' them things (Yeah)
Glock got a dick and it came with a beam
If he run up, I'm shootin' the scene
Addicted to Act, I love the lean
Load that Glock, finna hit some (Yeah)
Backwoods, don't smoke no Swishers (Huh)
She sucked my dick, you kissed her (Yeah)
And then I fucked your sister (Yeah)
I'm doin' my dance, I'm hittin' the woah (What)
We up in Cali, puffin' on dro (Huh)
I'm fuckin' this bitch, keep that on the low (Yeah)
She said she love when I fuck her slow (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Bitch, I'm NLE, can't show no love
You play and you get bust quick (Brr)
This chopper might just overheat
So I bought a coolin' kit (Ah)
Since he made a scene (What)
Yeah, we pulled up, shot a movie, bitch (Yeah, bah, bah)
Movie, bitch (Bah, bah)
I don't fuck with foolish shit (Rrah)
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2 112 138 tekstów, 19 637 poszukiwanych i 589 oczekujących

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