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Nile - We Are Cursed

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The wretched and the desperate
Scavenge amongst the refuse
Piled waist deep in the streets
Of our ancient cities

The starving compete with rats over every scrap
Of ill sustenance to be found
Rotting amongst the dead and diseased
Maggot infested, disowned bodies of men and animals

The waters we drink
Are as sewage filth spreading sickness

The disinherited and the poor
Profane our temples
With the stench of their disease and death

Our existence has become loathsome
The gods have forsaken us
We have been cursed

All is covered in dust and soot
Ashes from fires burning
The unwholesome corpses of the afflicted

Our monuments have fallen to ruin
The images of the gods buried in sand
Our temples lay broken and prostrate in neglect

The grandeur of the pharoahs is subverted
Our empire fades before our eyes
The black earth lays barren and desolate
I look upon the crumbling pyramids and despair

We are cursed


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Vile Nilotic Rites

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1 844 208 tekstów, 17 415 poszukiwanych i 907 oczekujących

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