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Ness (네스) - Allstar
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why he mumbling on this one?
I can barely hear him on this one.
why's he singing on this one?
why does his voice sound higher on this one?

man fuck you, yeah fuck you.
I do what I want, 'cause that’s what I do.

why would I only shoot the three?
if I could dunk on you with ease?
if I could pass the ball to my team?
if injury wasn’t a thing to me?
why would I only shoot the three?
hmm? I wouldn’t.

Im versatile like that.
please, just sit back and relax.
mumble songs back to back.
with the ad-libs to match.
wrote this shit on apple mac.
munchin on them apple jacks.
mirror image, tit for tat.
yes, I got it like that.

inches above with the air max.
styling on them with the hair wax.
dolce on my girl like I’m riff raff.
eyes on the game like a league pass.
ur opinion? nah, I don’t need that.
ur a minion (minion language).
I might get your girl some kneepads.
maybe you should ask where she been at.

running this track like i'm doing laps,
like when I did track and they slow clapped.
peep the flow black like kodak,
ups and downs like a prozac.
fuck a verse, fuck a hook - all rap.
riding this flow, I’m on horseback.
munching on the grass like a giraffe.
I got the juice, kool g rap.

you’ll do anything for the likes on the gram.
yes I mean you, I’ve seen you going ham.
testing my patience like an exam.
motherland roots, that’s rice with the spam.
vip, fuck a wristband.
you can’t be me, you gotta get stamped.
ooh did I mention, your girl a fan?
dm’s through the roof, man I’ll be damned.

all designer shit for my team, my family.
hoes be on my dick, but I can’t blame tammy.
impossible is nothing, I fuck with adidas.
never will I ever run out of ideas.

I got the voice, I got the flow.
I’m with the boys, things moving slow.
roll like a royce, run with my woes.
loud making noise, that’s how it goes.

I wanna be as ratchet as chief keef.
the dream is to live the dream with my dream team.
my bars go the right way like fedex.
your bars make me to go sleep like xanax.

nocturnal like the name, so here’s a hoot.
lighter flick flames, shoutout b lou.
in it till the money long and buku.
not lil pump, but i flex like ouu!

I’m looking for myself, there’s no other way to put it.
I do this for myself, but i love you, please don’t confuse it.
my worst fear is being buried alive,
so imma do that to every other rapper alive.


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ness (네스)

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Vanzo, ness (네스)

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