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Naughty by Nature - Wickedest Man Alive

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[Intro: Queen Latifah]
Massively, massively, massively massacre, Naughty By Nature
Through it ever time, comin at a dance
My man Treacherous MC, go on, let the saxophone man play a little
Make it lovely

[Verse 1: Treach]
You got beef with what we do? Talk to the bunny, sonny
He's the man, Bugs the thug wit the money
Funny that you should mention as my family, they covered
Wassup to my cousins and my sisters and my Warner Brothers
Birds of a feather, flap and fold and be together
No matter what your whatever, endeavour, find us better
You mean he, she, them, him, those and others
Let's kill two ducks in one, pluck, initiate the trouble
For those who disagree or maybe feel the need to front it
Show me your whole entire crew, two shoes and I'mma run it
Do you want it? Maybe so, but just know, we're rollin spreads
You claim you want it but you need it just about as much as a hole in ya head
This is a flow-er show, a product float a while ago
Witta new swing, I think so, bring it, sing it, act like you know
And if ya don't, you won't by the time this track is done
Queen Latifah the sire, give em some, come

[Hook: Queen Latifah]
Everytime they comin at the dance, what you know
It's time for rum, man, yeah man
Everytime they comin at the dance, what you know
It's for jammin, g'yeah know?
Everytime they come, you know they come without the flow
Soon we have a single, they're the quickest out the door
The wickedest mna, the wickedest man in dancehall, well y'know
I'm out for rum, COME!!!!

[Verse 2: Treach]
118th Street keeps production, conjunction junction nothin
Huh, what's your function?
I don't mean to be blunt or front, true or rude
How can he diss? Your honeydip looks like a honey dude
So keep it to yourself, greedy when you're in good health
So before you come and try the Treach, try yourself
Cos I ain't havin it, remember act like you know
And if ya can't act jack, you best find the door
I hate to think a trade, I slot another, see ya gator
Hasta mañana, PEACE!, as-salaam alaikum later
Yeah, you don't have a chance, but I see ya next
This track is KayGee's baby and he named it "Def"
I'm smokin enemies like chimneys, I ain't friendly
Fuck your Fendi, I'm swingin for your cotton kidney
Pimples are simple to pop, I want temple's op
Then slop your rock wit more floppin than a waffle spot
The wickedest man alive, I am what I am and I'm
Damn good to be a no good, hooded by
The wiggle in the middle, simple to party thumps
They call me the wickedest man alive, make em jump


[Verse 3: Treach]
Gettin it and hittin wit it a old fashion weapon when you're slippin, I got
Try to stand and get ran like a stop sign
The bad just got worse within one verse
Put the she verse and reverse and this fella's first
Wreckin is second, so back wit'cha wacked disc
For candle after candle and still couldn't wax this
I be the wickedest while you're still the wackest
I need wallpaper to list what your track missed
This is a double decker from the head wrecker, neck and head checker
Check the check and who's def? Who's left ya?
Standin back cannin ya, plan ta stay back
I'm down wit Kay's tracks, black, this is the payback, lay back, jack
I have you every which way but loose, blowin your sound proof
That's happenin to me, your thanks for givin a neck noose
This comes naturally, all day and night
I make a party of all lefty's leave screamin out "Alright!"
Talkin bout needin a lot more work than you had
Twelve years, twelve hundred, twelve inches and sold one
Who's gettin done? Who's swifter? Who's badder?
You wouldn't be able to get down with some help from a step ladder
This is another song, we check out the style that I've
Picked and rip, I be the wickedest man alive

[Outro: Queen Latifah]
No rude boy, come test the sound of Treacherous MC
Massacre Naughty By Nature, crew come flec, man, eaze up
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Naughty By Nature


Naughty By Nature

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