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Mystery - Shadow Of The Lake

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The innocence of a child
Left alone for a while
Standing there, by the magic window

The bluish light serves him another city crime
He cannot really understand the shadows

Too young to guide himself
Between what's right and what is wrong
He reaches his hand touched the TV screen

Souvenirs will last a life time
Nightmares often track a fine line
If they cannot feel the pain
Will he feel the same?

The influence of a style
A world succumbs to denial
Price to pay, creation of a future

The images disturb him
Impress his fragile mind
Like a mother leads him as it nurtures

Too strong to stop himself
He sees the meaning in the song
He starts to fly or that is how it seems

How he wants to be in the limelight
Like all the heroes in his dreams
If they cannot feel the pain
Will he feel the same?
Or is it just a game?

Now he wants to haunt the prime time
To have his face within the screen
If he cannot feel the pain
Will they feel the same?
And who will win the game?

How was he to know the way it was to go?
His life before he set his fate
The world of his dreams evolved by lunacy
Drove him to his mental state

She never could have read the bad signs
Evil deep within his eyes
She doesn't feel the same about him anymore

The moon was high and red this night time
He chased her out into the trees
He must immortalize his name
Into the hall of fame
Made up all of shame...

"Don't you know, I've always loved you
Enough to save you from the pain
I know you don't like the answer
Oh! But it's the only way..."

Don't be afraid
"Don't be afraid"
Be not afraid
"Be not afraid"
This is just a game
And I will take the blame and the fame

She stares at the moonlight
Reflecting on the water
Her nails scratch the marks
Upon the wooden floor
She prays in vain for something
But no one hears her call
He's beyond it all... Insane?

He drags her to the lake
Beyond the shallow water
Cold and abandoned
She looks out to the shore
He knows her time is coming
Too late to turn back now

He grabs her by the sleeve of her shirt
And for a while she gazes into his fiery eyes
She's searching for a fragment of the man
She once loved before, but he's no more...

They say he was a poor lonely child
And they made millions,
Millions from his crime
And they say the kind of understand why
He couldn't stand the violence
So they day he finally killed,
He closed his eyes...
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Autor tekstu:

Michel St-Père, Dré

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Michel St-Père

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Destiny? (1998), At the Dawn of a New Millennium (2000), Second Home (2017), Live in Poznan (2019)

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