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Myridian - Desolace

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Once in ages long past
We worshipped a promised land
Now in greed and sin
We guide it to ruin

A world slowly falling into night
Its beauty tainted with a deathly blight
Its skin broken, beaten and worn
Ripped apart and plundered by malice and scorn

Trees sundered from soil and stone
Usurped by spires where no leaves grow

Hunters slain and prey consumed
Starved and choking under clouds of fume
Withering branches torn from the sky
A landscape cast aside and left to die

Behold the death of great Gaia
A bittersweet end to the goddess of life
Her gasps for breath nearing their last
Leaving behind a world laid desolate

Blackened fields sprawl before our blinded eyes
Atrocities condemned by her silent cries

The winds carry her howl
Her pain a piercing sound
The horror and rapture we've sown
Awakening a wrath unknown

As rain begins to pour
None know their peril befalls
Her tears of anguish, they flow
Drowning all beneath their own toil

Wipe the plague off this earth
Cleanse the land of our kind
Restore the fallen to life
Forgive our sins as we die


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"We, the Forlorn"

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1 740 555 tekstów, 18 294 poszukiwanych i 761 oczekujących

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