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Moscow Death Brigade - Cut off your tongue

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Where have you been? You have never be seen
When the kids on the streets fought the war for the scene
Fit, neat and clean Are you a punk or a skin?
You’ve seen it on the screen but do you know what it means?
Blood, sweat and tears, surviving the darkest years
Following your dreams, facing fears, hope disappears
Stabbed by your peers, but never betray your way
We’re here to stay and fuck what they say !
Hey little rich boy toy don’t you look at me
Before this scene ended up with the tragedy
Talking shit, spreading lies, who believes your hype
And I denounce violence but not against your type
Loose lips sink ships, yours sink fleets
Watch your tongue or get done, boot to your ribs
Time to quit your shit that nobody needs
Before body hits concrete and your fucking head splits

You are a style snatcher, a grimy rhyme stealer
I oppose you I’m the original microphone killer
Break your chicken neck, we are back and you are done
MDB has come to cut off your snake tongue

No one likes cops, no one likes traitors
No one likes rats, snitches and collaborators
No one likes haters, social network agitators
Internet debater-warriors, PC dictators
You don’t belong, you got the situation wrong
Running your mouth, spreading rumors all night long
You don’t come along, you sing the same old song
Better go home to your MTV and a bong
Fuck the two-faced scum, fuck the fencewalkers
Snitches got stitches and talkers got walkers
We spit this street shit for the punk rockers
For the skinheads, metal maniacs and train yard stalkers
For everybody who is true to the game
Worldwide underground and you know the name
We paid the price and the damage is done
If you try to ruin this we’ll cut off your snake tongue
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2 346 135 tekstów, 28 943 poszukiwanych i 296 oczekujących

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