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Mike Stud - Bottle It Up

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[Hook: Kinetics]
All these things bottled up, I needed to say to you
Tried, but I never knew how
But I've been drinking all night, and I think I'm on one
So I might as well do it now
Cause I don't wanna bottle it up, bottle it up, ay yeah
Bottle it up, bottle it up, ay yeah
Bottle it up, bottle it up, ay yeah
We gonna pour it out tonight, oh yeah

[Verse 1: Mike Stud]
Another night, another flight
This a toast to everything I'm doing right (yeah)
Taking off in the literal sense
But doing music full time is a little intense
And now, I don't know where I'm flying to
I fly, then I land and I party just because I'm signed to
Mind you that I did what I was trying to
Now all I do is get with women that I'm blind to
Saying adios to the girl I love most
And these women on the road don't even come close
At the end of the day, I guess I needed you
Wanted it all, but couldn't have my cake and eat it too
Never told you anything that you need to know
And it seemed that the best bet was for me just to go
What would I say if me and you could have a night alone?
But for now, I'm gonna tell it to this microphone


[Verse 2: Kinetics]
Uh yeah, bottle it up
We don't stop pouring the bottles until the bottoms are up
And we don't have a chaser here to follow it up
Cause we like the way the honesty burns
So we turn the lights low when we took shots
Y'all don't got that good pot
Y'all need to invest in better trees, Woodstock
Cause tonight we getting faded like it's '69
Till I tell you everything that I have bottled up inside
We build clocks, print calendars, and predict the weather
But when we stop to sit, we never think to sit together
I just want to sit next to you to confess to you
I could write a book with all the things I never said to you
Why tell it all when I make a track
Cause if you wear a hard cover, you'll never make any paper back
Look you in the eyes when I state a fact
So when I finally say it, I will never take it back


They know, they know, they know (I think they know)
They know, they know, they know (Do they really know?)
They know, they know, they know

[Verse 3: Mike Stud]
Yeah, uh, but do they really know?
It started as a hobby, now I'm sitting in the lobby
Kicking it with a hottie like I'm teaching her karate
This a toast to Tommy, and this song for you
Almost gave up when baseball was falling through
And nobody more surprised than I am
Cause honestly, none of this shit was part of my plan
But I continued doing me though
Putting on this front like life is easy as a free throw
So, all this shit is one big trick up my sleeve
Cause if you're overwhelmed then you'll underachieve
Well, this is a plea, for all y'all to listen
This music is my bottle, that all y'all are drinking



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1 767 345 tekstów, 18 203 poszukiwanych i 604 oczekujących

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