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Michael Malarkey - No Good to No-One Now

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Maybe this is your fate
When you're all outta grace
Ain't no good to no-one, now
Floatin' away, away, away

You tried to save face
I just wanted a taste
And we've always been dreamers, babe
Half on the earth, and half in space

Now I'm thin as the walls in the old hotel
I've rang the bells in the poisoned well
And I thought it would help
To save me from myself

I tried my best to shoulder it
On my traveler's back
But I broke under the strain
And I fell into the cracks
And how I cracked

But it was too late
To dance in the grey
Or go through this night and back again
Feeding into flames

Now all of those songs we made
Are gonna be so hard to play

As my body stars to eat itself
I wish upon all the stars that fell
And you know this is fucking hell
Please, let me get well

No good to no-one, now
The dead, or the living
Hey, I try a little Tylenol
Still, this thing haunts me
Oh, how it haunts me


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Michael Malarkey

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1 740 739 tekstów, 18 295 poszukiwanych i 723 oczekujących

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