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MC Xander - Frailty

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Life is a kind of thievery, right from the days of infancy
Too many things taking away the raw sense of freedom
How come it had to be like this, my condition is clouded in mist
Wear a coat of anxiousness I lay down to sleep on

I let it be the fall of me, could never see the tragedy
Delivered too close to me then I’d lost it already
Why can I not rescue me, and now I sink deeper into the estuary
Too many things tied to me, gonna sink all the way.

Frailty, Frailty I am.

In the void of an ancient place, I am broken by the moonlit space
Torn apart by venomous grace. My dissolution.
My skin returns to the ground, My blood dissolves into sound
Ain’t nothing that can fix me now. Face the motion.

I feel it all before me. All the pain, all the majesty
All my life it comes back to me, closing the curtains.
In the dark of a twilight fade, a pinprick’s all the remains
Remnants of an agency, facing soul’s end.

Frailty, Frailty I am.

What happened to the fallen seed, was it buried too deep to see?
Roots growing in the darkest sea. Forests overgrown.
And then when it sprouted leaves, I lay there in disbelief.
It rocked to the core of me. A bright emergence.

Now the bones are scattered all here. I can make the world disappear.
If I close my eyes and ears, breathe out my essence.
Starlight can become my name. A fire explodes in my veins.
The becoming of an ancient flame: Sun in ascendance.

Frailty, Frailty I am.
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