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MC Hammer - Sleepin on a master plan

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Dah Dah Dah

[Chorus 2x; Hammer [And Daz]]
Sleepin on a master plan
[Daz; Sleepin on a master plan]

When ya sleepin, Yet I'm creepin, Ya see
[Daz; When ya sleepin, I be creepin]

Check it out

Sleepin on a master plan, but yet and still
I got skills to come hard like shaquille
Check the grammar, Slow your roll, Here comes the quick flows
Hammer too legit flows, They need us from the get go
Uh, back in action
Time for some rhymes, For some ends so my pockets'll be fattened
Matter of fact, In a couple minutes i'll be paid again
Another phat lp to be made again
Hammer, Hammer, I am!
Hype like mike, So you can say I'm the


Smooth as satin concrete as stone
Take my time to rock a rhyme, Once again it's on
Take two, One two three different mc's
They really can't see me


You can't touch this, So rush this oh slow temp flow
MC Hammer, Untouchable mental flow

Chorus 4x

I'm too legit to stop, I got more flows to kick

I kicks it, I gets wicked like that and this

It's so many things that's confusing
Ya diss, Ya losin, Ya don't know the different flows I be using

So uh

Remember, Timber is filmed down
It's time to let em know hammer's comin back around
So knock knock to the boogie ya don't stop
I got a couple more lines to drop
On the one

Too many underestimated

On the two

They can't believe what I created

Am I smooth?

I don't think so

And that's too real

Can ya feel it?

I drop hits like holyfield


Take my time before I start composing
It's like this, It's like this is how it goes and
Now ya know whenever ya seein the hammer rollin
Bet he roll, Hold I roll rollin through oakland, Oakland

Chorus 4x


I done seen a lotta people go from one to ten

Really dough

Hammer'll wreck it from beginning to end
Comin direct, Check yourself or get checked
Step, I kicks back and I collect
I recollect, That my technique is tight
It's unknown what the average mc might write
I'm ice colder, So diss at me, You're going under
Believe me, Ya man ain't stevie so don't wonder
I hammer mc's for tryin to go against this
Me against no six, Or face the consequence
For tryin to get in my position

For all those who're essential, so

To all y'all backwards untalented unactive wanna be hard rap stars

Now is this too much?
The fact that they can't touch this

I'm unmatched, Never mediocre
Tell batman hammer's loonier than joker
Uh, So quick to jump up
That macker fama lama hammer grammar'll have things pumped up
Fool, I thought you knew

What else would you expect from a g that's kickin game to you?

It's like one two, I'm pretty sure you can't tell it's dope
You try to diss but couldn't see me wit a telescope

Chorus 5x

[Hammer-Repeat 4x]
Sleep wit it, Sleep wit it

[Daz-Repeat until fade]
Keep sleepin on a master plan
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