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Mariah Carey - Thank god i found you(remix )
Odsłon: 1811
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Tekst piosenki:

(Joe: MC)
MC to the J O E
Joe: Make it last ooh
Mariah: Let's make it
(Nas: Remix)
Joe: Make it last forever
(Nas: For the world)
Mariah: Ever
(Nas: I will baby)
Joe: Don't let our love end
(Nas: Desert Storm baby)
Mariah: Thank God I found you
(Nas: Check it, this for you)

Let's show the world you my golden girl
When we shopping
They see us on the street
They say son scooped a hot one
You taste like banana cake
You shaped like the number 8
And you my number one candidate
I can't lose you
It's like I'm betting in Vegas crucial
Sweating knowing these players is wanting you boo
I get the chills when you in my sight
Feels like it's meant to be right
I feel the rush when I kiss you at night

(Joe & Mariah: Thank God I found you)

Shorty knows she my baby girl
And player haters try hard to get her
But she'll be lounging in my cradle tonight oh
Typically a thug wouldn't say this
But you see your love has got me fading
No girl ever made me feel like you do

I'm gonna be here night after night
To feel your loving arms around me
Baby baby baby baby
You make it all right
No one but you baby baby
Can make me feel
The way you make
Make me make me make me feel
Joe: Oh
(Nas: We make it last, make it last)
Joe & Mariah:
Make it last
Joe: Don't let our love end
Mariah: Oh, don't you let it end
Joe & Mariah:
Make it last forever and ever
Thank God I found you
Joe & Mariah: Your touch
Joe: Is wonderful, so wonderful
Joe & Mariah: Your love
Mariah: Is so marvelous
Joe & Mariah: Joy
That's what I feel
When I'm with you
Joe: No one
Mariah: No one boy
Joe & Mariah: Could compare to what we have
Mariah: Oh no baby
Joe: Love, it feels so good
Joe & Mariah:
I'm so glad you're mine
Make it last

Mariah: Ooh
Joe: Don't let our love end
Mariah: No no no
Joe: Make it last forever
Joe & Mariah: And ever
Thank God I found you

A thug's dream wife
Jeans tight
Beautiful skin
Matching brown tims
Hot as jalapenos
She knows how to hide the ninos
The rap Rudolph Valentino
In thief I become the black Al Pacino
Relax sweetie and [...] you can watch the TV
Lay back and pump Mariah's hot CD
And I'm a touch you in the wrong places
We could walk through a park
And Bubble North Faces?
I'm lost in your love
Thank God I found you
You my crown jewel
I'm saying boo
The type I give my last name to
(Joe & Mariah: Make it last)
And lover's lane
Put the top up
When it start to rain
In the parking lot
Then we finish doing our thing
Fog the windows
Getting very sentimental
Sipping cosmos
With the cherry in the middle
I keep it honest
Word to real
That's my promise
Signing off
Truly yours

Mariah: Oh don't you let it end
(Make it last)
Make it last
(I'm so glad that I found you)
Joe: Oh baby
Mariah: See I was so lost without your love
Joe: I was lost without you
My every wish and dream
Became reality
(Thank God I found you)
Mariah: Then you brought the sunlight
Nas: Make it last baby
Nas: We make it last, make it last
Mariah: Oh I
(Nas: 2000, Nastradamus)
Joe & Mariah: I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
(Nas: Mariah, Kluminati)
Oh yeah
(Nas: To the J O E)
My baby I'm so thankful
(Nas: Thank God for you baby )
Thank God I found you
(Nas: That's right, come on)
Thank God I found you
I was so lost without you
My every wish and every dream
Somehow became reality
Mariah: You brought the sunshine
Completed my whole life
Make it last forever baby
Thank God I found you
Make it last


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