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Manic Bloom - Tonight's When I Say Goodbye

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It's not exactly breaking news, but I know all about your little rendezvous
With far too many "I miss you's," and "I want you back's" in full verse-chorus boo-hoos
But I won't sleep til I drop off the kind of words that summarize all I've ever thought
With so many subjects overdue, why would I waste breath immortalizing you?

So let it out, let it out
Doesn't matter what you say
Doesn't matter much you can see your mistakes
Never offered me apologies, thinking you were covered all this time
Tonight's when I say goodbye

I hate to say I told you so, but you know I told you so
You're not the type to keep promises
I've always known of what you were capable
Try to push the envelope until you're faced with the consequence
Then you come crawling back expecting me to
Cover up your latest crime


I don't really care when you tell me that you love me
It's just become something you say when things aren't okay
Making sure that people see everything you've done for me
You're so impressive to clean up the mess of the
Blood that I still bleed for you
Just keep the stain from showing through your skin
Is the sacrifice worth all the pain if you can't remember my name



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1 843 812 tekstów, 17 407 poszukiwanych i 764 oczekujących

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