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M-flo - I like it (with Crystal Kay)

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* Yo shorty
The way we flow is exemplary
You better watch yourself !
Yo baller, we about to hit yo head

And that's how we gon' party

* repeat

Uh huh, no doubt

** I really really like it, let me show you
Baby this is how we do
Because more (until late) more
Don't you want to play some more
I really really like it, let me tell you
Without saying anything, there's still things I want to do so
You ain't going home tonight

*** I like it (you like it)
He likes it (she likes it)
We like it (they like it) ?

You're not going home 'til morning

**** I love it (you love it)
He loves it (she loves it)
We love it (they love it)

Like that just work that thang

3, 2, 1
I'm not gonna push myself
It's been a while sorry for the wait
We back to holla, we still goin, can't make us wait
Go pop-pa-pop-pop even if I feel it
Say what-wa-what-what ! Today's eye is on a
Extraordinary man, taking a nap during free time hey
His sexy side is funky and extraordinary, to 1000
Rapid motion on and off I'm rollin'
Yo dust cloth for a down and dirty na style
STOP ! The hatin' and the negativity
And slow down...
He's as good as gone ... So
STOP ! Don't understand why they follow me
Here we go NOW ! (Oh my !) Beats be full

Today still, again I'm here alone
Still no one calls me
But tonight I want to go out
To do that, take unpleasantness and leave it behind
Girl's in the front raise your hands
Don't let worries go around
Cool guy's in the back raise your voice and make noise until morning
Tonight's party time, baby can't you see
I've come to enjoy
It's OK to forget about tomorrow

** repeat

3, 2, 1

Everywhere at dawn it's time to go
But still I'm in the mood so I'll dance
Play one more song
I know Until I drive

Jersey velour
Rock a fat gold jingle
Stars exemplary thief the fashionista
300 grain meter, we leaders
This guarantee, guaranteed to rock the show
Hey yo I stash mo' cash flow in my actions
Asteroid people's hearts fluttering

Oh my... Mr. DJ won't you rewind (yo KURI !)

I'm sorry I make you have fun, I bust it, that way until morning
If you feel what I'm sayin' then stop this finger
OW ! Supreme committee that can go too far
The fine you over there, the little shiny feeling
Everything gimme gimme ! Already seventeen
Yo R-E-S-P-E-C-T
What's wrong ? Tell me what's the issue ?
Koko no mizu amai there's nothing we can't do we so fly !
The boys look soooo good (NEXT !)
Always running from the press (YES !)
It's KURI from the HAMA.
M-flo bring the drama
Who shot ya ? Shiranee guy,
Go ask your MaMa

* repeat
* repeat
Uh huh, no doubt

Strobelight shining on you and me
Starting today we're more than friends
Jikan mo wasureru kurai
Keep me moving to your beat
Make you say "ooh wee ! "
When I hit the scene
Shine shi ni kita n da shi
It's ok to forget about the boring things

I really really like it, let me show you
Baby this is how we do
Anything and everything (come on) Come on
Do you want to play around ?
I really really like it, let me show you
The good times from here are unprecedented it don't matter so
Like that act like you know

** repeat

*** repeat

Not yet don't hit the lights

**** repeat

It never ends, this party's vibe
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2 012 585 tekstów, 18 313 poszukiwanych i 501 oczekujących

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