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Looptroop - Professional Dreamers
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Tekst piosenki:

Living a dream don't wanna wake up

I never dreamed about getting paid
I dreamed that the people never forget the name,Looptroop
I dreamed about getting fame the hiphop way I read "getting up"
And it modeled my work ethics
I got up every morning starting putting words together
Words from my dreams about living in a better world together
Sounds like work forever but that's cool my work is a dream
And my work is to dream so you can call me a dreamer
Call me dream weaver naive believer
I'm still an achiever professional dreamer

Living the dream, don't wanna wake up, 'cause we're
Living the dream, don't wanna wake up, living

I got memories for sale autobiography
Everything that's real now started as somebody's dream
A vision of the future notes on a wrinkled piece of paper
Like my feet getting too big for these shoes, see you later
And regardless if I win or loose I gave it a shot
In one way I won anyway whether you like it or not
And the story's not over my daugther need me to stay
Like child I make the rest up along the way
To all beautiful losers have faith and pride
Don't let nobody kill that creative drive
And to my friends I love you til' next time you see me
Keep conquering the world word to douglas keep dreaming

Living the dream, don't wanna wake up, 'cause we're
Living the dream, don't wanna wake up, living

Since 92 we've been on this trip with no end station
Seems hopeless but this is the destination
Still got planes to board tracks to record
But we're not greedy couldn't ask for more
Suddenly my dream became a nightmare
The music woke me up now I'm back in this right here
And I'm a team player I need these guys
Thanks for holdin the seat let's reach the skies
From big citis to outbacks we're backpackers
No plans too big for these dream catchers
So as ling as we breathe we'll still strive
'Cause it's the dream that's keeping us alive

Living the dream, don't wanna wake up, 'cause we're
Living the dream, don't wanna wake up, living


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