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Looptroop - Looking For Love
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Tekst piosenki:

The night was still young, she felt like a million bucks./
Leaving behind the pain and the building blocks/
blockin' the sunshine mockin' the young minds duckin' from one time/
to fly the nest and try the next./
Leave it all, set out on her private quest./
Not really sure what she lookin' for, but like:/
she knows that there must be more to life./
Too many things tryin' to control her life./
Like the career that she know ain't right,/
or like the boyfriend that told her lies,/
or her jealous friends. Yo it's only right/
that I'm gone tonight. I wasn't meant to be/
trapped like this physically and mentally./
Only thing I'll miss a be my family,/
but I'm on the right path so don't cry for me Cus I'm:

Lookin' for love,/ and you are - Lookin' for love./ We are all - Lookin' for love

One love, one aim - different name, different city./
Same old shitty pollution. This kid he sees no other solution/
but to leave with the last train./
He's tired of the fast lane and the acid rain./
The massive pain that we all feel at times,/
but nobody else understands when we feel it. Why?/
No sympathy, no empathy, no love in the city, no identities./
He went to sleep. When he awoke the next day/
lookin' out the train window he sees he's halfway/
to the Promised land, and face to face with a young woman./
Ey, what's that song you hummin'?/
It's the new Looptroop - lookin' for love or something./
Oh, I ain't heard it yet. Is it hot? Yeah, bumpin'./
Can I hear it? Alright. Exchanging looks./
Listen, it's just coming up to the hook and I'm:

Lookin' for love..

The night was still young, their lives were still young,/
and who knows - they just might fulfil one/
and others' needs over this butter beat./
It's a bitter sweet little lovers' theme,/
cus some find love around the corner./
Some never find it though they travel the four corners/ o
f the earth, but for what it's worth:/
I'm sure it's out there - I'll continue to search cus I'm:

Lookin' for love..


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