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Logic - Theme for the People

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This a new generation
Switch up the style, I'm regeneratin'
I be talkin' to God when I'm hearin' Satan
I'm Black Mamba, pass like I'm Michael Payton
Why you think I made Everybody? It's a statement, a way of life
Black is beautiful but today, in this day and age
A crooked cop will take away your life
Come now, that shit ain't no way of life
Know some people make music but I make a statement
And use it when people feel like they gon' lose it, yeah
Why the fuck do you think
When it comes to an album, I'm dropping like two a year?
Hold up, let me break down what I'm doing here
I get introspective on a record with a message deep in the lyrics
But after a while, that shit get depressing, they don't wanna hear it
They just wanna turn up so that's when I come back
On that Bobby Tarantino, counting money, sipping vino shit
It's how we stay relevant to the young
I mean I'd rather be rapping on breaks
But whatever it takes to get to the young
I ain't mad at the fact when I rap over 808's
With the hat it make me millions, peep the brilliance like uh
I grew up on Biggie and GZA
But Roddy was bumping that Future and Thug
Give a fuck how you came up
I run up like ten out of ten just to show you some love
Man, as long as you rapping and killing shit
Fuck a car, black man own the dealership
Fuck a record label, fuck a dealer shit
Keep killing shit, keep
At the crib watching Bebop
Writing rhymes in my book and I'm bumping that heat rock
Shit smoother than Pete Rock
I can't fuck with my phone, need to detox
So I pick up the Glock like I'm John Wick
Yes, I'm in it for life like a convict
When I switch up the style, wonder who this
No ceilings like Wayne in '09, bitch, I'm roofless
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6ix, Logic, PoST, Vig

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Bobby Tarantino III

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2 094 733 tekstów, 19 006 poszukiwanych i 282 oczekujących

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