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Logic - Shine on

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We should shine a light on, a light on
And the book of right-on's right on, it was right on

They lost and I found it, we leave 'em astounded
Asking me how you so fly, yet you still so grounded?
I replied, I died inside, resurrected a beast
Leave 'em deceased, music's in my genes like a crease
Got it capiche, hungry as hell trying to eat now
Success is the only thing that can't complete us
Grinding to free us, the beat knocking like a fetus
Close your eyes, open up your ears so you can see this
Now I've accepted I'm not from the hood
Cause selling crack and busting gats don't make my raps good
See this is me, L.O.G.I.C. repping MD to the fullest
Push us to the limit but never pull us now
I can't wait 'til I see my name in neon
That fly shit I be on flowing for eons
Every day I take chances, Celine Dion
Said every day I take chances, Celine Dion (let's get it)
I'm a diamond in a rough, but I shine like discos
Surrounded by greasy people like I doused them in Crisco
I haven't shined yet, so tell me where does the rest go
Up a million percent until they finally hear this though
Bumping up in they city like, Oh my God this go
My business getting better every year like fiscal
Fuck a pad and a pen, a mic my only utensil
I'm o-riginal, see, but they trace like stencil
I stain in the game, but you fade like pencil
Biting off of my rhymes, that ain't even an insult
Cause you couldn't produce, and in the end that shit's your fault
It takes 3 millions years for a diamond to shine
I did it in 21, see I'm ahead of my time
Cause when I flow the crowd never roll cause I rock
On the road to success, haters in my blind spot
Cause I got no time to bullshit
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2 094 963 tekstów, 19 003 poszukiwanych i 297 oczekujących

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