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Logic - Roll Call

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Smoking in London while the snow fall

In another country so pardon me for the roll call
Damn, who would've thought the fan base was this immense

On the first fucking plane to Paris so pardon my french

Shows sold out, fans in line even though it's cold out

Yeah, touring Europe getting swiss cheese

Many said I'd never attain it now I'm like, "bitch please, what up?"

Allow me to open up the verse with something so diverse

Now let the flow immerse, hold up; watch it disperse

Visions of Biggie, Big L and 2Pac just looking at me

From the gates of Heaven while the police booking at me

Open your mental while bitches give me brain with no dental

Y'all probably think I'm crazy for touching this instrumental

Shout out my cousin Ego, he know this shit's sentimental

Been doing this shit for my dogs, holding down the kennel

My ex hit me talkin bout she wanna make up

But on the real, I got no time for cover girls

Music is my main bitch, no time for other girls

I'm finna blow like Hiroshima, my demeanor get meaner

Watch me elevate to arenas

Me without the mic, that's like

Martin without the Gina, Venus without Serena

Now these thirsty bitches on the dick, we call that Aquafina

I used to bus tables until them tables turned

And everything I have obtained is everything I'e earned

And everything I rap about is everything I've learned

So hopefully the listener can position a situation where they don't get burned

And they can learn from my mistakes, like I've learned from the greats

To do whatever it takes, for Heaven's sakes open your mind

This shit's one of a kind, elegant and refined, irrelevant to the swine

What's the deal?

Whipping through LA in the coupe de Ville, on the real

To various people I do appeal, because of skill

So this the type of shit I'm gon keep making

That make MCs break fast like flapjacks and bacon

Rest in peace to BIG, and many other fallen soldiers

Never Hollywood, I'm grounded like a cup of Folgers, bitch I told ya

Allow me to open up your mind and mold ya

Indulge ya, within this shit I call the second Renascence

The system broke and they sent Logic in for maintenance

All you wack rappers couldn't break change to make sense

I'm back again with another argument about how much I'm black again

Fighting for credibility from the lack of blacker skin

It's kind of funny how your pigment determines how people perceive you

That's ignant

Ain't seen my mommy in a minute

Cause growing up she called me a nigger

That would never amount to nothing

Racism from my own momma, left home because of drama

But I can make it in the rap game, look at Obama

You ain't been in my shoes, you don't know my story

You don't know what's in store, but bitch I stocked the inventory

Fuck a critic with the balls to try to tell me how I feel

You wasn't with me as a child

Never once did you feel the pain of my stomach

That manifested from the lack of meals

Headed to the soup kitchen on foot by the lack of wheels

We aim to keep it real

And hell no we ain't never missing

Came a long way from eating when government gave permission

If you think these lyrics ain't deep, you too stupid to listen

Just an outkast with a mission to spit to whoever listen

Bitch it's Logic!
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