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Lizzo - Bus Passes and Happy Meals

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[Verse 1]
What you lookin' at? What you lookin' at?
Time go by pretty fast, you wear a pretty mask
You take it off for no one, oh, being you? That’s no fun
You’re being used for show, hun, if that’s what you think so what?
You got a lot of friends, owe you a lot of favors
They bake you porky pies, they come in lots of flavors
Don’t listen to the haters, you think that you have haters
Haters are just complainers, and you the first to complain

Oh, it's you? Uh-huh, that's funny
That's real cool, it's me too
I tell 'em, preach!

[Verse 2]
Look up, don’t let nobody pass you
These niggas is nuts like cashews
And they wanna be blessed like "ahhchoo"
But me not have time like Cogsworth
All in all for what it's worth
And the fact that I wrote this in a skirt
(Looks like you don't even need to try)
I’m burying y’all alive
Goes to show I’m leading in the hive
Queen bee, I want that honey
And you over here talking about money?
Hmmm, that’s funny
You need to keep in mind
My only price is time
And you can't take that from me

(Breathe deeply) Cause I’m burying y’all alive (x4)

[Verse 3]
Sudafed, pop that, a hooligan, step back
I’m giving niggas headaches
Like a mistake on your wedding cake
Minuscule to me, I’m a big deal to you
I picketh thee off like a bug betwixth my shoe
Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal
Spot lights or record deals, bus passes and happy meals
Nigga, what you know about it? Not much really
You holding out on dough or something? Not me silly
Niggas wanna help and niggas wanna take
Take a bit of this and put it on your plate
I owe you if you the right one
Luckily, I found the right one
Pass it down, I’ll make it right son
Give me time, I promise it’ll be worth it


[Outro Hook]
(Breathe deeply) Cause I’m (x2)
(Breathe deeply) Cause I’m burying y’all alive (x2)
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2 017 399 tekstów, 18 317 poszukiwanych i 491 oczekujących

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