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Linkin Park - Skin To Bone ft. Cody B. Ware & Ryu

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[Cody B. Ware]
This is that post apoc, post Pac
Punks on the block
Supposed to be close
But I swear right now
They close to be not
Put the gold in the pot
Put em on, bring em on
Nigga hope that they drop
But I bomb on them all
On with their the bongs
They be hopin' I pop
You open the knot
You openly admittin' you not
You openly be spittin' shit you don't be givin' a lot
You all be givers givin' these women the rings and the style
I'm Michael Tyson, Bison, relivin' the villainous plot
My vision of rock, my vision is caught
Killer cobra, N'est-ce pas
Feel us a who, feel'a real is enough
I'm callin' your bluff
I'll slaughter all your borders you trust
They won't be carryin' your orders automatically dust
I'm automatically rush, plus grammatically tough
Trust the elephant tusk, trunk, and go for the top
Punk, who want it?
I'm guaranteed to get it and flaunt it
I'm playin' Buckley as my intro and I exit on ballin'

[Mike Shinoda]
Skin to bone / steel to rust
Ash to ashes / dust to dust
Will tomorrow have it's way
With the promises we made
Skin to bone / steel to rust…

You can't stop it, all you can do it watch it while it's happenin'
Like a tragic accident, rappers go and get your coffin
Skin to bone, the high raw biff of this rap shit
My legacy set in stone, fo' sho' no asterisk
Concept immaculate, start to finish
I'm Lil Wayne's dentist, looking at platinum plaques I'm gettin'
It's not an accident you flew off the roof
You said you was fly, so I just wanna see if it's true
I got the juice like GQ, but I wish it was Grey Goose
Let it mix with my prescriptions and I turn into Keith Moon
A T two, Terminator, Demigod, Jesus
Fort Minor: We Major, let's take it to phase two
The mission isn't finished yet, I been on the internet
Hearin' fans talk and maybe we should consider it

[Chester Bennington & Shinoda]
Skin to bone and steel to rust
Ah . . Yeah
Skin to bone and steel to rust

I'm on some taxidermy rap shit, talk about some raw game
You're nothing but a trophy mounted on my door frame
I spit that propane, light you with a slow flame
And watch you burn until there's nothin' but a gold chain
Yeah you'll be some crispy critters
You'll wish you with us
You'll wish what we did, you did it
You can't, you kiddin? I don't have a shoe you fit in
You're as soft as a motherfuckin' newborn kitten
I'm an animal, tearing flesh into bone
Randomly rippin' everything gone
Unless they forget what then let it be known
I'll bury every competitor, every predator
Anyone ever forget it, you'll regret it forever
Never been nothing short of a legend, you peasants will learn
I'll stay standin' in the front like I'm forgetting my turn
For these matchstick rappers, this is meeting adjourned
I ain't even gotta match them, I'm just letting them burn!


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Cody B. Ware, Ryu, Mike Shinoda & Chester Bennington

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