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Lil Mama - What It Is

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I'm what it is
I'm what it is
I'm what it is
I'm what it is

Fresh from the block
Friday nights, party nights
Fresh from the block
Cause everybody in the party
Straight from the block
But, when they gonna stop
My Netti wind is sick
My heal, toe with a twist-a
360, this is non-playwitable
My doo-wop is sick
Hit that, then hit the
360, this is non-playwitable
And I ain't tryin to brag to you
And I definitely not tryin to keep up
Cause I'm ahead of ya
Walk, krump and I'll murder ya
Magic with a verse-a, dude
And that's somethin that ain't changed yet
Straight wreck
On anybody taklin material
Cause I'll take checks
So lets make this a forecloser
Been where you never been
Been real and that's the game's ov-ah
Ya'll mo' the, crust of the rap chicks
Peep what it is
But, they not like this
I'm waht it is

She's fine, she's sexy, cool
And don't n'am dudes know what to do with her
All these chicks can keep hatin
But, they know that they can't fool with her
She hit the spot and shut it down
No messin around, strike a pose girl
Strike a pose girl
Now get off

She's so aggressive
That girl's pressin
But, she's a wack adolescent
Sucessin is my only mission
It's impossible for anybody
Come and get it
Definitoin of raw talent and I write all bars
Flay cars in the hood
Call me no hold barred
Born star like my lil brother, Onstar
And I will eat you wrappers
Plus the candy's inside
Lil Mama, nicka-nicknamed Dharma?
I'm a truth in the booth
And they way I eat guys so mean
I like to rock the party and I like to rock the show
When they step into my league
I gotta use all force
When you start to play with my brain like I'm crazy
Oh baby
That's when it's rock-a-bye baby


Why don't you come around here, dawg
Look for me
Type ease in bees we breeze
Pass your team
Cause I been to where you sightseen
Nothing that you do, could ever do to exict me
Can't see, like we know maybes or more than likely
She gonna have flow?
Which means I got flow sick disease
Which means I have no sympathies
No antidote, y'all heard of me
Please, with the CB-4 chicks
Before I get up on some see mo'
Feed me mo'
This what I be sayin for some time now
If anybody got an objection, time now
'Mo's fitted and 'Mo's stroll cause she's on
Wake-up in the morning
Go to sleep at dawn
My mama should'a named me Dawn, on
Either way, I would of been a trip
The way I flip
The script and switch then get down like this
I'm what it is



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