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Lil Dicky - Workaholics

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I heard this shit on workaholics
And this for errbody bout to finish college
It's only right that I drop a little knowledge
Cuz life ain't like it outta be

I thought it'd be, a lotta women callin me
And sodomy, and drinkin like it's all for free
Illogically, I never thoughta poverty
Or how this muthafucka's muthafuckin job would be

But ever since I go the cap and gown
Errybody cracking down, nappin now
Erry fuckin snack got me packin pounds

Wearin fuckin slacks, got me scratching da back uh ma sack
And rap is not exactly a faculty rapidly rackin me
Anything but apathy for those who be naggin and draggin me
Into the wackest meetings, holding me back from eating
The saddest fucking lunch I pack and bag in the evening
Ma bank is depleted, I even have to think before tweeting

Man it's really fuckin sad when thinking bout
The evolution from the past to drinking now
We used to go and split a handle, drink it down
Then hit the town, and hit the hottest chicks around

But now? I can barely slug a half a dozen tops
Used to chug a lot, now I'm fuckin buzzin off a shot whoa

Clubbin wasn't nuffin to me boy
Used to walk up in that muthafucka stuntin like whassup, I wadn't coy
Ain't nobody gave a fuck if I'm employed

Errybody drunk and fuckin lovin it, rubbin, and huggin
Mugging, chugging and fuckin but now these bitches
Is up on some other shit, wanting a husband
Clubbin got me buggin and blushing cuz I'ma young'n das confronted
Wit a hundred abundantly rugged, and coveted, funded muthafuckas, it's humbling

Think about the age range
They get to date way older and emotionally open homies goin gray
Now I'm up on first dates
Sober like it's first grade
Hoping when it's over that I close it wit some first base shit

Ma face getting fuckin fat
It's April, hateful fillin fuckin taxes out

Long ass days, getting blazed, and tappin out
Back is naggin now, mac is laggin now

Because I bought it back in college
So if you comin lemme run a little knowledge
If you was wondering if fun isn't acknowledged
Well Wednesdays, I be watching workaholics


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1 990 503 tekstów, 18 215 poszukiwanych i 274 oczekujących

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