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Lil 1/2 Dead - That Dope Nigga 1/2 Dead

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[Chorus x5: Lil 1/2 Dead]
1, 2, 3 but could it be
The doppest mother fucker that you hearing lil 1/2 dead

[Lil 1/2 Dead]
Early in the morning jumps out my bed
Who am I, that little nigga half dead
Im going to tell you a trick I knew
A bitch im met way back in 82
Her name was Grace
Her face was all that and a bag of chips
Boy she had hips, I dips
Every single day down her block
Now that hoe jocks because I served like some rocks
It's like everytime she seem me she flagging me down
I just swerve on her and I throw up the pound
I let the hoe I dont love her ass
As I mash on my gas and dash
To me it seeming, the girl is feening
She really wants me down on her teaming
Make a lots of money sceaming
As I turn the corner, all the hoes was screaming

[Chorus x4: Lil 1/2 Dead]

[Lil 1/2 Dead]
Now im feeling alright, my rymes are tight
Only one punk nigga that really tried to fight
My skills biting kills
So just chill before I stell your grill, for real
I got that funky ass shit for your head
And only one nigga try to see half dead
The party that night he wanted to fight
He got mad because my rymes were so tight
I had to serve him like a stake on a platter
You know to me it didnt matter
I shatter all his hopes, all his dreams
I make the party swing, now he's on feam
For all that funky ass shit I be saying
You know I was playing
I left you on your knees praying
That he can really be like me
A real G, but that nigga coulnt see

[Chorus x4: Lil 1/2 Dead]

[Lil 1/2 Dead]
Who is the doppest nigga mother fucker that you hearing
That nigga hd dogg, he aint no mother fucking joke
Now what would happen if you fuck with him
You get's rolled up like a joint and smoke
Now i steal get's busy like a 4 on a switch
Still say fuck a bitch
Even though I gots to make love to these hoes
Now its 1994, all I love is my dough
A yo, my niggaz from the d-o double g
P-o-u-n-d from the LBC
Im putting it down for the pound
If a nigga run up to my face, you he going to get clown
The sound of my shit is funky like some chicken
Its good to the bones its finger licking
Im digging all these hoes out
I got to clout, so let me hear you mother fucking shout

[Chorus x16: Lil 1/2 Dead]
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2 039 912 tekstów, 18 437 poszukiwanych i 546 oczekujących

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