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Laura Nyro - Wind Circles

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Tekst piosenki:

I dreamed of bells

That Christmas

The plains were bare

The wind blew

In circles

Like a morning fair

Somebody called you

"a drifter playing games"

But by wind circles

The fact remains

You always looked to find

Something you knew

As a child

Some laughter, freedom

In the icy wind

Were you chasing

A blue ribbon?

And when you lost it

Were you unsure?


I can see you then

A child in the open blue

Wind circles

Following you

Through odd jobs

And maintenance

And farms along the reel

Through living on the edge

And music in the fields

Were you free or poor?

Were you insecure?

You were gentle

All the same

Years before we met

You said you heard

My love call your name

Our love was a Christmas angel

Silently burns

Friends in the sun

Split up

By the trust we never learned

And my eyes are bright

Like my mother's

But this song may be

Purely my own

As I travel, lost

In wind circles

Trying to find my home

While you drift

Through what's happening

A little harder

And never alone

Through prestige and property

They say a man

Must hold his own

All the lust and confusion

That weighs on the shelf

Wind circles

Send me home to myself

Wind circles

Home to yourself
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2 315 817 tekstów, 27 160 poszukiwanych i 513 oczekujących

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