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Kuniva - Derty Headz

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[Verse 1: Kuniva]
Runyon Ave was the backdrop
Proof pulled up and said,"I heard you been spitting crack rock"
The hood said he kinda crazy but he rap hot
I swear niggas should've took snapshots
Cause history was made on that block
Recruited to be a soldier but one of the youngest
Inexperienced and hot headed, down with the dumb shit
But was he a joke? no, loyal from the jump yo
Proceeded to excel in a business that was cutthroat
Lost Bugz in the process, murdered our baby bro
Swift came and said I got this, joined us and it was on
We came with the EP, Devil's Night smashed it
Out the gate we were multi, nothing less than a classic
Now we up in the spotlight; wild nights, loud fights
Our life drugs, liquor, and women, the crowds hype
D-1-2, niggas tighter than glue
Young and stupid, still thought we had something to prove

Ima ride til the day that I die
I promise to always rep it, keep it alive
Often imitated, and many of groups tried
Can't quite formulate it, the way that we do it right
We go through the fire, you've never known us to hide
We done went to war, we fight yo, we survive
Sometimes we fall, but we get up and we thrive
Naw homie, you lied saying that this name died
I'm a derty head for life(x4)
No matter the cause, we brawl and sacrifice
I'm willing to pay the price
You can see it in my eyes
I'm a derty head for life

[Verse 2]
Years went by; we some vets, we some threats
Then the Devil got busy, here comes the regress
We were stressed from beefing; Ja, Ray
And then Royce; but when you're thrown in those positions
You don't have a choice
So with 5'9, we squashed it: put it to an end
To this day he my brother, I don't see him as a friend
But now Proof's gone
Niggas split, decided to bounce
But here's what the true definition of loyalty's about
When the waters get rough, you stay to the weather the storm
The look on all them derty head faces when we perform
Yo it's priceless can't turn my back on em
My mic just won't let it happen, I'm too humble and righteous
I believe in all our followers, they believed in the D
Can't erase the Dirty Dozen, the heart is beating in me
No matter who try to bury us, I'm holding us down
And we keeping them squares shook whenever we come around



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The History of Violence

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1 989 544 tekstów, 18 207 poszukiwanych i 631 oczekujących

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