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Krizz Kaliko - Beautiful You Are

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Yes Krizz?
Is the water warm enough?
Yes Krizz
Shall we begin?
Yes Krizz

[Verse 1]
Take a picture of ya for me
Put in my memory and never get it from me
You got me feelin' kinda funny
Ya beauty is the kind to make a nigga spend his money
Ah, so here we are, here we are
I'm the celebrity but for life you're like the star
Don't laugh, cause I just might have found my better half
I better ask her if shes taken, or I might just be makin'
The worst mistakes, the beautiful one they hurt and break your heart
Spark, the light up from the dark, act real hard
Don't let her push or pull your card up, keep ya guard up

Beautiful you are
Baby I wish, I was the only one, who felt like this
Beautiful you are
You are the one, the only one, I want under my sun
Beautiful you are

[Verse 2]
Yeah, you good looking and your home cookin' good
Like ya mama passed down from ya mama mama
Must got Indian in yo family
I wanna thank your mama for spending time with your daddy
I'll admit it, you got me shook
I'm a empty out my voicemail and throw away my black book
And act like I'm not looking
When I see em stroll by
That's my new baby mama, got me under control I'm
Open wide, she give me hope inside
I told a lie when I say that I, don't sleep with an open eye
Really really ready, heart really really heavy
Hold steady, look in the mirror how


[Verse 3]
Baby you take my mind and my time up
If I get behind all them other niggas who line up
Cause I'm excited to be invited into your life
And let me be the vitamin D, you might need to get it right
And turn me right around
Cause maybe I can finally put my player card down
Cause you're more than suitable, you're B-E-A-U-tiful, you are


Yeah baby (baby)
Now that the water's warm enough
We should get on in
Make sure you get real real
Real real wet baby beautiful you are
You're like the most incredible thing
I've ever seen and I mean this baby (baby)
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2 129 634 tekstów, 19 869 poszukiwanych i 280 oczekujących

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