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Kevin Gates - Wish I Had It
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Tekst piosenki:

Anything lost can be found again
Except time wasted

A vision without action
Is merely a dream
Action is the pride
It the hustle
It's the persistence

In a car while roaming around
All my thoughts been roaming around
Where I come from like a hole in the ground
Silly me still holdin it down
Every car pass by with the music real loud
While they bumpin roamin around
Tellieen me to make a hit but I really don't get
While they walk I'm roaming around

Out my window
I see everything I dream about and wish I had
(Retawdid I'm retawdid)
Out my window
I see everything I dream about and wish I had
Hustle hustle hustle clock is ticking ain't no time to kick it
Nothing come from sleeping but a dream
Hustle hustle hustle gotta get it
On my true religion
Nothing come from sleeping but a dream

Light skinned and I fight good just like muhhamed Ali
(Gates) jab nasty hook good just like muhhamed Ali
Rollin bands in my pants talkin cash I'm a smash hold up
Out the streets stay in the streets all I could do is be me
With flo rider nothing in common I'm not a B.O.B
Hustle hard and I'm hands on I'm a good guy that can transform
Did time I ain't ask for
Still sendin mail through the hatch form
Different city within the city
More over product then an antfarm
L-l-l-look, don't try this at home


I be loaded actin at condos
Product of a broken home
Pray but I just hope that I don't choke what I'm smokin on
Potent, ocean-grown, no cologne I just roll
Two time convicted felon dumb shit get at me
Yeah it's Luca brasi right here talkin bitch you know I got them racks
I'm a shooter with a shooter I ain't never pay for that
Young money wanna sign me, my rap jacket too violent
Bread winner, 100it gang that's dreco and mysie



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By Any Means

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