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Kelly Clarkson - Couldn't Be Better

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[Verse 1]
Hello gorgeous, let's check out how you look today
Who’s that person in the glass, staring back your way?
Sure it's you, but just take in that view and woah
Girl, you couldn't look better
Shake the sleep off, and kick into the morning drill
Throw on anything, and boom, now you’re dressed to kill
Hit the street, got the world at your feet and woah
Things just couldn't be better

Theres no need for hesitation
Life is come as you are and you're a one of a kind sensation

And there's a scrambled sun in the tangled sky
And the moon couldn't be any brighter
And as the slam big city goes rocketing by
Well, your head couldn't feel any lighter
It's like a funhouse ride, the kind you just can't miss
Call it crazy, and yet, is there anything better than this?
Life just couldn’t be better than this

[Verse 2]
Look around you, so many things to do and try
No one’s judging and the rules really don't apply
Take a bite of whatever feels right and woah
Yeah, it couldn’t taste better

Choose the path you want and take it (And take it)
If you don't fit the mold, doesn't matter, go on and break it
Yes, it's a square peg life in a round hole town
But it all couldn’t be any sweeter (Sweeter)
You may be upside-backwards and wrong side-down
But it just couldn't feel more completer

And there's so much to do
And isn't it such bliss?
Are you ready, get set, 'cause it doesn't get better than this
No, it couldn't get better than...
Bein' who you are (Who you are)
Feeling bold and free (Oh)
This is what life should be, woah

And it's a madhouse night in this crazy quilt world
And your heart couldn't soar any higher
You've got your freak flag flying, completely unfurled
And you just couldn't be more fire
And life's a nonstop blast of total awesomeness
Yeah, it's crazy, you bet, but it couldn't get better
It's as good as it gets, and it never gets better
What could ever be (Ever be), better than this?
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2 204 097 tekstów, 21 731 poszukiwanych i 484 oczekujących

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